Cruelty Free Product Review: Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

Welcome to Ethical & Cruelty Free Products

Trilogy’s brand genesis essentially begun with the discovery by New Zealanders Catherine de Groot and Sarah Gibbs of the marvelous benefits of rosehip oil. In 2002, the two ladies launched the Trilogy brand based on the efficacy of rosehip oil as a natural and effective alternative to synthetic skincare ingredients. As their hero product, certified organic rosehip oil has won a share of awards and recognition, it has since achieved a bit of a cult following.

Benefits: According to the Trilogy website:

Rosehip oil’s natural properties make it great for scars, stretch marks and other skin concerns including dehydrated and ageing skin.  Our rosehip expertise ensures the finest quality oil with minimum 80% essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) and fatty acid (omega 9) content. Independent clinical studies showed that Certified Organic Rosehip Oil helps improve the appearance of scars, stretchmarks, fine lines and wrinkles.

My experience: Instructions said that I should massage in 2-3 drops each day, morning and night on the face and body. I didn’t use it religiously for a set period of time and instead used it about twice a week. Even on the occasions I did use it, I did notice a brighter appearance to my face the following morning. Although it didn’t affect my forehead wrinkle by any means.

My scar: It did however do something quite amazing on my arm. I burned myself with a hot pan in the oven, the result was a large blistering, swollen, reddish-purple gash that really hurt. I put a band-aid over it and hoped for the best. Then two days later I rubbed in a few drops of the Trilogy oil, the following day it was looking pretty good, I kept going and a few days later the scar was almost completely gone. Pretty amazing.

Cruelty Free Product Review: Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

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Packaging: Sleek and yet familiar, high quality and yet comforting rather than being too high-end. The bottle is dark frosted amber glass and the 45ml bottle is just the right size to fit into your hand. I am sounding like I’m reviewing a smart phone well that was unintended. However I believe that skincare should make you feel special and nourished, the bottle feels like something special to be treasured when you hold it. I will probably end up keeping the bottle, as it’s high quality.

Welcome to Ethical & Cruelty Free Products

Other reasons why I like it

Affordable: Unlike other skin care products, it’s reasonably priced and starts from $23.90 NZD.

It’s organic and cruelty free: Made from vegan, plant-based ingredients and all ingredients and derivatives are cruelty free.

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