Treasures to Love and Adore: Smith Journal

Treasures to Love and Adore: Smith Journal

In the magazine publishing world nowadays, it takes a good deal of creativity and originality to be able to stand out and make revenue.  This Australian magazine is built upon solid foundations of authenticity. From cover to cover it’s high quality. What makes it so great is there is a subtle harmony of beautiful design and beautiful and evocative stories.

Better yet, I’ll let the team at Smith Journal describe themselves and what the magazine stands for.

Smith Journal is a quarterly, Australia-based publication that takes unexpected, interesting, funny and sometimes complicated stories and tells them the way you would to a bunch of friends at the pub. The minds behind Smith wanted to create something they’d be happy to read themselves. That smart, creative people could peruse without shame, slap down on the coffee table, whack in their favourite old satchel or display proudly on the toilet reading rack. A mag that looked really good, but had substance, wit and inspiration. Smith isn’t obsessed with the latest stuff or being first in line. While it does keep an eye on what’s current, it’s much more intrigued by things that stand the test of time. Smith isn’t about being nostalgic. Admittedly, it does love plenty of things from the past but knows that nostalgia can be toxic, so it’s constantly looking toward the future too. Smith isn’t about creating a divide between makers and thinkers, because it understands that to build anything you need your hands as well as your mind. Smith isn’t about being clever. It happily confesses to knowing nothing, but considers that a positive, because it means it’s fascinated by everything.

Just in case you aren’t convinced then you can get a taste for the content on their fascinating blog filled with all of the sorts of weird and wonderful things that I write about on here.

Treasures to Love and Adore: Smith Journal
The latest issue for 2015

Strangely enough, judging by the ads in the magazine itself (of which there are only a few), the magazine is targeted mostly at males. Although it actually is genderless in my opinion. The stories feature men, but are so incredibly quirky, touching and funny that they cross gender lines – as most good writing should.

Treasures to Love and Adore: Smith Journal

The content is mostly evergreen and timeless, the kind of storytelling that makes it coffee table fodder rather than bird cage liner. You can find out more here and get it delivered to your door, or you can also get it for iPad or other electronic devices.

Treasures to Love and Adore: Smith Journal


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