Travel: Lazy summer weekend ideas on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula

Only got a weekend in Melbourne, but want to experience the best of an Aussie summer? The Mornington Peninsula is where to go. This is where the locals flock for the best beaches and laid back holiday vibe.  Located in the south east of Melbourne, it’s my original stomping ground and so I know itContinue reading “Travel: Lazy summer weekend ideas on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula”

Pagan Date: Lammas

Lammas, also known by its gaelic name Lughnasadh is a time for remembering gratitude, and how abundance has come into your life. It’s a time for giving thanks to the universe for all that has come to fruition and all that is still to come. 

Summer on Mother’s beach, Mornington

It’s summer right now in Melbourne and everyone is recovering from Christmas overindulgence by rolling and tumbling to the beach to drink beer in the sun. I’ve got a wine spritzer in hand and I’m feeling really guilty about doing absolutely nothing. Today in 37 degrees and there is absolutely nothing you can do inContinue reading “Summer on Mother’s beach, Mornington”

Travel: Mushroom Reef Sanctuary, Flinders, Mornington Peninsula

Following on from my previous post about Tyabb Packing Centre, here is another little known wonder from the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne where I return to whenever I get the chance.  The Mushroom Reef Sanctuary is home to a gigantic mushroom shaped basalt reef near Flinders in Westernport Bay. Located 86 km from central Melbourne,Continue reading “Travel: Mushroom Reef Sanctuary, Flinders, Mornington Peninsula”

The Jigsaw Puzzle of Pangea: What It Tells Us About Our Fragile Human Lives

Around 200 million years ago the world’s landmass was contained in one giant supercontinent called Pangea surrounded by a mega ocean. I know that this isn’t news but I still find it startling and incredible nonetheless. In the graphic below you can see the composition of Pangea but with the modern countries boundaries superimposed onContinue reading “The Jigsaw Puzzle of Pangea: What It Tells Us About Our Fragile Human Lives”

EP Review:  Notion by Tash Sultana (2016)

Tash Sultana is the real deal. A genuinely talented and unique Melbourne multi-instrumentalist who made a name for herself the old fashioned way, by busking on the streets of Melbourne (Bourke St mall and Degraves St) and making homemade videos to YouTube. These simple and raw B&W videos of Tash subsequently went viral and gainedContinue reading “EP Review:  Notion by Tash Sultana (2016)”

Badass Bitch and Fashionista Lee Lin Chin

Recently Lee Lin Chin bowed out as SBS World News’ most loved news anchor for the past 30 years. She is well-known in Australia for her graceful presence, avante-garde fashion sense, acid tongue and a strangely monotone way of delivering the news. Her twitter account is totally outrageous and she has won a cult followingContinue reading “Badass Bitch and Fashionista Lee Lin Chin”

Product Review: Natural Instinct Skincare Range

I came upon the Natural Instinct range via the new Chemist Warehouse which opened up in St Lukes Auckland. Chemist Warehouse is a gigantic Australian supermarket style chemist like Boots or Superdrug in the UK, they stock a lot of variety in makeup and skincare brands. One of the major bugbears and annoyances I’ve foundContinue reading “Product Review: Natural Instinct Skincare Range”

Every Picture Tells A Story: William Stanley Moore (1925)

William Stanley Moore according to his official police record was an “opium dealer/ Operates with large quantities of faked opium and cocaine./ A wharf labourer; associates with water front thieves and drug traders.”   Mugshot by New South Wales Police Department (1925). He reminds me of one of the brothers in Peaky Blinders, not toContinue reading “Every Picture Tells A Story: William Stanley Moore (1925)”

Travel: Melbourne’s vibrant laneway graffiti

Melbourne has a great variety of every changing laneway graffiti, which is sort of like the creative engine bellowing and churning away below the city. Street Art in Mebourne has become an attraction in its own right and meant that tourists mark out their stay in the city by visiting these modern monoliths of culture.Continue reading “Travel: Melbourne’s vibrant laneway graffiti”