Summer on Mother’s beach, Mornington

It’s summer right now in Melbourne and everyone is recovering from Christmas overindulgence by rolling and tumbling to the beach to drink beer in the sun. I’ve got a wine spritzer in hand and I’m feeling really guilty about doing absolutely nothing. Today in 37 degrees and there is absolutely nothing you can do in that kind of heat, only languish and marinate without moving.

6 thoughts on “Summer on Mother’s beach, Mornington

  1. Yes, it’s a little bit of Paradise — which is why I chose to live here 🙂

    1. It’s so lovely isn’t it, and always so different in different seasons. The boom time of summer is always extra magical though 🙂 See you soon Nancy xx

      1. On second thoughts, I wish it wasn’t so hot!! 🙂 I’m fading ….

  2. Well, here in England it’s ‘same here’ to the Christmas overindulgence, but ‘er, not quite’ to the 37 degrees. More like 7 degrees, but that’s more than ok for the time of year.

    1. A different kind of light and energy no doubt but there’s a unique kind of magic in winter in the UK. I find it’s totally easier to focus and be serious about things like work and learning when it’s cold and wintery, whereas when the weather is good anything like that is just thrown out the window 😉

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