Six Words To Use In Business Meetings That You’ve Never Heard Before

These words are brilliantly archaic and devilishly cheeky. They should be employed in those workday moments when you want to have a good laugh. Or if you simply want to shoot the breeze and have a more interesting water-cooler conversation. Pedeconferencing Pedeconferencing is the sensation of holding a meeting while on the move, with coffee in handContinue reading “Six Words To Use In Business Meetings That You’ve Never Heard Before”

50 Beautiful Words To Sprinkle Into Communications

Our digital world is swarming with recently made-up words like YOLO and SWAG, plus misappropriated words like ‘awesome’ to mean pretty much everything. This demands that literary types everywhere come out of the woodwork in protest! Here are some luscious and fulsome words to sprinkle liberally into your communications. Alternately you could wield these words as Gandalf wouldContinue reading “50 Beautiful Words To Sprinkle Into Communications”

Book Review: Madame Verona Comes Down The Hill

By Dimitri Verhulst Translated from Dutch by David Colmer Portobello Books 2010. Enduring love in a remote Flanders village is given a quirky twist, in this novella by Dimitri Verhulst. Translated from Dutch by David Colmer, it doesn’t lose any of its magic or immediacy in English. The story opens with the beautiful and forlornContinue reading “Book Review: Madame Verona Comes Down The Hill”

Book Review: The Red House by Mark Haddon

The Red House by Mark Haddon is a domestic drama that gets right under the skin of family life. The idea of ‘family’ takes on an intimate, shockingly beautiful and grotesque patina in this book. The story centres around a brother and sister and their respective families, who take a seemingly innocuous trip to stayContinue reading “Book Review: The Red House by Mark Haddon”

Book Review: A Visit From The Goon Squad

Constable & Robinson (2011).  This fictional novel by Jennifer Egan is an insight into American life from the 1960’s onwards. A kaleidoscope of relationships, strong personalities and memories all jolt back and forth in time. Themes covered in the book include family dysfunction, communication breakdown, desire and love, death and ageing. All of these grimContinue reading “Book Review: A Visit From The Goon Squad”