The Three Step Guide to Buying Cruelty Free

Firstly, The Dodgy List  Although many brands do test on animals or use animal-based ingredients (ie. non-vegan) ingredients, they get around this with some amazing marketing spin. As an self-described spin-doctor for brands myself, I still find this sort of deception repulsive.  Here’s some confusing and vague words to watch out for on product packaging:Continue reading “The Three Step Guide to Buying Cruelty Free”

Welcome to Ethical & Cruelty Free Products

In this new section of my blog, I will review high quality, ethical and cruelty free products that are not tested on animals. Also, I will try and review vegan cosmetics products and those produced from recycled or upcycled materials. I am talking about mostly cosmetics and skin care products, but also ethical fashion, shoesContinue reading “Welcome to Ethical & Cruelty Free Products”

The Thrill of The Hunt for Cassettes in the 80’s and 90’s

Art is what you get when you combine sharpies, pencils, cassette tapes, ancient Word Processors and a whole lot of passion for music. Here’s Steve Vistaunet’s labour of love that will give anybody over the age of 30, fond and sad stabs of nostalgia for times past. Has The Thrill Of Getting Your Hands onContinue reading “The Thrill of The Hunt for Cassettes in the 80’s and 90’s”

Are Sharks A Real Summer Danger in Australia?

Great white sharks are found all over the world and live up to 30 years and grow up to 6 metres in length. Feeding primarily on fish and seals, they are one of the majestic masters of the world’s oceans. Sparked by recent spate of fatal shark attacks, Western Australia’s Premier recently gave the greenContinue reading “Are Sharks A Real Summer Danger in Australia?”

Six Words To Use In Business Meetings That You’ve Never Heard Before

These words are brilliantly archaic and devilishly cheeky. They should be employed in those workday moments when you want to have a good laugh. Or if you simply want to shoot the breeze and have a more interesting water-cooler conversation. Pedeconferencing Pedeconferencing is the sensation of holding a meeting while on the move, with coffee in handContinue reading “Six Words To Use In Business Meetings That You’ve Never Heard Before”

Free Storytelling Tool Demonstrates Game of Thrones Map

Geo-located map apps are fun to make and fun for the audience to engage with. These storytelling tools have huge potential when the story is map-based. StoryMap can implement multimedia, text and interactivity along with location relevance. StoryMapJS is the brainchild of Northerwestern Univeristy Knight Lab and is a digital storyteller’s dream. To demonstrate it’sContinue reading “Free Storytelling Tool Demonstrates Game of Thrones Map”

Living With Sonder: Life Above the Clouds

Taken in the San Francisco Bay area over a period of a few years by talented man Simon Christen, these exquisite time lapse films track the earth on its diurnal and nocturnal turnings, normally so ineffable and unknowable because they occur so slowly. It’s a macrocosm and a microcosm of pure thriving, living magic. It’sContinue reading “Living With Sonder: Life Above the Clouds”

How Old Norse Became English: A Viking Epic

Now I can’t take credit for this one, I found it here on Babbel, but it was just so so so amazing that I needed to share it with all of you bookworms. I’ve written about Vikings before and I also love that Vikings drama series on History, soon be coming into its third season,Continue reading “How Old Norse Became English: A Viking Epic”

How to find the right music for coding, writing or any other absorbing activity

A playlist can have magical import upon your creative output. Here’s some music styles that have helped me for writing, creating, sorting and doing the more mundane but necessary tasks in daily life. A few tips on selection 1. Seek out music that’s unobtrusive and doesn’t command all of your attention. It should overall beContinue reading “How to find the right music for coding, writing or any other absorbing activity”

50 Beautiful Words To Sprinkle Into Communications

Our digital world is swarming with recently made-up words like YOLO and SWAG, plus misappropriated words like ‘awesome’ to mean pretty much everything. This demands that literary types everywhere come out of the woodwork in protest! Here are some luscious and fulsome words to sprinkle liberally into your communications. Alternately you could wield these words as Gandalf wouldContinue reading “50 Beautiful Words To Sprinkle Into Communications”