Raveen: Delicate, dreamy floral art-pop for your reflective moods

Emerging Genius: Raveen are delicate, dreamy floral art-pop for your reflective moods

Raveen are a Montreal based band described as offering “dark, yet earnest pop-electronic with some serious R&B undertones”. Their ambient jazzy and chilled beats along with sparse singing style bring a distinctly Canadian glacial sound to their music, which to me sounds like open spaces and an atmospheric outdoor amphitheatre of emotions. Raveen released their…

Inuit dog wards off a polar bear

The Last Dogs of Winter: A Beautiful Documentary about the endangered Canadian Eskimo Dogs

Watch the preview here  In 1976, prompted by advice from Bishop Omer Robidoux (1913-1986), Churchill dog handler Brian Ladoon made it his mission to preserve and breed Canadian Eskimo Dogs also known as Inuit Dogs or Qimmiq, the rarest registered breed of dog in the world.  His efforts have inspired both admiration and fierce criticism,…