The Paris Metro After Dusk

The Paris Metro is a beautiful work of art that has been depicted in many films and photographs over the years. Although many daily commuters would argue that it’s a stinking cesspit instead! It looks a lot more attractive than many other subways across the world and I enjoyed travelling on it when I wasContinue reading “The Paris Metro After Dusk”

I Collect Images of Paintings Like Others Collect Treasures

Does anybody else reserve images that they find online that are compelling or inspiring? Perhaps I am the only one, let me know if you do too. Here are some poached by my boyfriend and delivered to me like a treasure. Each inspire wonder and inspiration, although disparate in subject matter they all have theContinue reading “I Collect Images of Paintings Like Others Collect Treasures”

Babelicious Fashion Trends From The Summer of ’69

These images remind me of my mother and her wild friends, they wore these bohemian outfits when they were teens. The swinging 60’s looks like such a playful time for fashion. Here are some images of teens doing what they do best – leading fashion trends for all of the oldies to follow.   IContinue reading “Babelicious Fashion Trends From The Summer of ’69”

Cruelty Free Product Review: Nellie Tier’s Hydrating Mask

This is not a sponsored post – It’s yet another skin care product review of a terrific body lotion by New Zealand organic skincare range, Nellie Tier. The botanical extracts in the Anar and Palmarosa Hydrating Mask are really soothing and cooling and tend to leave your skin feel refreshed. This sort of moisturiser isContinue reading “Cruelty Free Product Review: Nellie Tier’s Hydrating Mask”

The Falling Cat Phenomenon: How NASA Trained Astronauts For Zero Gravity

Back in the golden era of space exploration – the 1960’s, NASA scientists were concerned with how astronauts would orient their bodies in space. This led to a watershed study at Stanford, featured in the International Journal of Solids and Structures, entitled “A Dynamical Explanation of the Falling Cat Phenomenon.”       Partly funded byContinue reading “The Falling Cat Phenomenon: How NASA Trained Astronauts For Zero Gravity”

Cruelty Free Product Review: The Charity Pot (How to Gush About Lush)

Let me start off by saying – this is not a sponsored post. This is me wanting to gush about Lush and their superb Charity Pot body lotion. As promised I am going to write about ethical, cruelty free products. This one really takes the cake. Compared to other vibrantly coloured and perfumed products inContinue reading “Cruelty Free Product Review: The Charity Pot (How to Gush About Lush)”

Help Bring Back The Eurasian Lynx To Britain!

Kingdom Animalia Phylum Chordata Class Mammalia Order Carnivora Family Felidae Genus Lynx The Eurasian Lynx was once a part of primeval forests in Britain, but has since been hunted out of existence there. Nowadays with the deeper understanding of ecological balance, the importance of primary predators has been reasserted. In Britain, there’s an exciting newContinue reading “Help Bring Back The Eurasian Lynx To Britain!”

The Post-Apocalyptic Underground Lunchroom

One of the more quirky destinations in New Mexico is Carlsbad Caverns. Located 228 metres below the surface is a diner/lunchroom that is frozen in the middle of the 20th century. The eatery sells cold cuts and food stuffs that don’t require cooking (as they don’t have cooking facilities), along with souvenirs. Over the ensuingContinue reading “The Post-Apocalyptic Underground Lunchroom”

The Secret World of Bees

Bees see the world in an entirely different way. Their unique perceptual abilities can help us to perceive the world is a much richer way. Bees are benevolent little workers who pollinate and beautify the blooms of the world. An integral part of the landscape, they burrow their furry yellow and black backs into theContinue reading “The Secret World of Bees”