Every Picture Tells a Story: Winter’s sudden contemplation

When the night scented stock come in And all of the dusk reigns around us A musky smoke Of burning leaves and wet rocks All is cosy, locked in and battened down A sleepy knowingness seeps in A season and reason for movement is over And the winter sits down long and low Her frosty embrace –Continue reading “Every Picture Tells a Story: Winter’s sudden contemplation”

Emerging genius: Wolf People – Ninth Night (2016)

Over the coming weeks I will share an eclectic lucky dip of music that I discovered and loved via subreddit /r/listentothis, Here is no.8 on the jukebox, from the English prog/pagan rock band Wolf People it’s the single Ninth Night from the new album Ruin.   Pagan witchy rock from the woodlands, riverbanks and theContinue reading “Emerging genius: Wolf People – Ninth Night (2016)”

The magic of Matariki and Māori winter sea navigation

Matariki is the Māori name for the cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades. In Aotearoa Matariki rises in mid-winter–late May or early June.  It traditionally heralds winter solistice in New Zealand or the Māori new year. Matariki translates to the ‘eyes of god’ (mata ariki) or ‘little eyes’ (mata riki). According to myth,Continue reading “The magic of Matariki and Māori winter sea navigation”

How Old Norse Became English: A Viking Epic

Now I can’t take credit for this one, I found it here on Babbel, but it was just so so so amazing that I needed to share it with all of you bookworms. I’ve written about Vikings before and I also love that Vikings drama series on History, soon be coming into its third season,Continue reading “How Old Norse Became English: A Viking Epic”