Emerging genius: Wolf People - Ninth Night (2016)

Emerging genius: Wolf People – Ninth Night (2016)

Over the coming weeks I will share an eclectic lucky dip of music that I discovered and loved via subreddit /r/listentothis, Here is no.8 on the jukebox, from the English prog/pagan rock band Wolf People it’s the single Ninth Night from the new album Ruin.  

Pagan witchy rock from the woodlands, riverbanks and the dales of England. It’s prog rock at its finest and loudest. Ruins is the new album by Wolf People and has a narrative that’s all about nature reclaiming the land. Wolf People are the custodians and supremely electrified sages of the land. Their tools are mythology, mixology, pagan rites, big riffs and swirling electric guitars.

I can hear disparate influences from early Black Sabbath to Zeppelin and also Pink Floyd. Consider Wolf People as aural archaeologists of an English sound that’s as much medieval as it is 60’s psychadelia.

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