<3 The Internet: Solistice Streets makes pagan worship easy

Solistice Streets is a web-based app that’s the brainchild of some pagan programmers who wanted to make it easier to worship the seasons and the summer solistice (21st of December) and winter solistice (20th June).

In particular they wanted to create an online place for collective worship in honour of Stonehenge. A place where on these two auspicious dates each year, the central Altar stone aligns with the Slaughter stone, Heel stone and the rising sun to the northeast.

Similar alignments can be found at Newgrange, Ireland, Maeshowe, Scotland and other prehistoric monuments. Winter solstice was very important in the life of ancient communities since it was seen as the beginning of the deep winter, and in the same time the reversal of the days shrinking was giving some hope for people. Same is true for the Summer solstice


Although centred around the Northern Hemisphere’s seasonal fluctuations, Solistice Streets is valiantly global in its reach. With the team attempting to locate streets in cities which are aligned along the direction of rising sun of the solstice.\

Although I’m a bit unclear of what to do with information now, does this mean I should be doing a solistice ritual on a street corner in a city instead of a forest?

Try it yourself




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