Exotic Ads of the Past: Golden Eyes and Her Hero Bill Over There

During the World War I era, modern young women in America were seeking new roles of equality and opportunity in education and work. American illustrator and writer Nell Brinkley was iconic for her representations during the period. She redefined femininity, fashion and trends in many ways in era before mass media – when print wasContinue reading “Exotic Ads of the Past: Golden Eyes and Her Hero Bill Over There”

Book Review: The Heading Dog That Split in Half by Brown and Tait

Aotearoa has a rich and varied history of folk legends and urban myths in addition to the rich history of Maori myth and legend. The Heading Dog Who Split in Half collects these half-realised dreams together with stunningly beautiful graphics. This book makes for engaging and captivating reading experience for readers of all ages. TheContinue reading “Book Review: The Heading Dog That Split in Half by Brown and Tait”

Emerging Artist Profile: Cheryl Young/ CYSketch @cysketch

Hong Kong artist Cheryl Young’s illustrated world of cosy, anime streetscapes feature an endless cascade of hamsters – because there can never be too many. Her art is so chilled out it deserves its own special genre of music. Content Catnip recently caught up with Cheryl for a chat about her charming and endearing art, anime and illustrations and the inspiration behind them.

Emerging Artist Profile: Eleonor Piteira @_eleonorp

Content Catnip recently interviewed established Portuguese artist Eleonor Piteira. She once wanted to be an astronaut as a child, but instead has allowed her imagination to wander all over the galaxy through her striking an beautiful art, impressing people like director Guillermo del Toro along the way…

Every picture tells a story: Harajuku girls go all freaky

I came across this lovely graffiti on a wall outside of a shop in Harajuku. Although you should also see this exquisite collection of quilts that was captured by Jonelle Patrick. The Japanese have an aesthetic sense that is far superior to most other places, I think.

Travel: Weird subway ads in Japan

On a recent trip to Japan I took mountains of footage.  Advertising is totally out of this world and so I created this homage to Japanese ads, on trains, JR stations, the streets and so on. I created these gifs with colour distortion to properly convey the feelings you have in situ. Initially,  after aContinue reading “Travel: Weird subway ads in Japan”

The Private Lives of Animals circa 1842

This collection of funny and witty animal fables was originally published in 1842 in French as Scènes de la vie privée et publique des animaux. The authors of these fables are a who’s who of literature in the mid 19th-century including Honoré de Balzac, George Sand. Also The Private Lives of Animals boasts some fine,Continue reading “The Private Lives of Animals circa 1842”

Every Picture Tells a Story: A Surreal Midnight Dream

This etching by a Reddit artist called JDrift01 reminds me of the Google Deep Dream generator which ran amok on the internet about 2 years ago. Suddenly the online world was jammed with ten eyed dogs and sushi that had faces on it. Infact this art reminds me of a post from a few yearsContinue reading “Every Picture Tells a Story: A Surreal Midnight Dream”

Gemma Correll’s spirit animal is a pug and her cartoons are all kinds of charming wonderful

Gemma Correll is the high priestess of wry, cute and amusing cartoons that are compassionate to women’s bodily woes and emotional complexities. Her cartoons are sweet, sassy and charming and I’m totally in love with them. Also she’s an aquarius, an INFJ and pretty much loves all the same things I do, so I have aContinue reading “Gemma Correll’s spirit animal is a pug and her cartoons are all kinds of charming wonderful”

Matchbloc: Czechoslovakian matchbox art from the mid 20th century

The design and aesthetic of Eastern Europe was really beautiful. Product  labels and film posters of the mid-20th Century, like these fruit box labels of Australia are optimistic, bright and speak volumes about the artistry of the people who made them. The modernist and colourful aesthetic is incredibly timeless. Subject matter for posters and product labelsContinue reading “Matchbloc: Czechoslovakian matchbox art from the mid 20th century”