Every picture tells a story: Cutsey pancake van in Shinjuku

Like most things in Tokyo, I had only a vague notion of what the hell was going on here. It looks like a pancake van on cute steroids. Apparently to sell anything the best way to do it is to go over level 9000 on cuteness, sexiness or sexy cuteness. Anything less is totally pointless.Continue reading “Every picture tells a story: Cutsey pancake van in Shinjuku”

Mushrooming in New Zealand: a cautionary tale

This evening we went walking on Mount Kaukau and found some mushrooms. Although in New Zealand there isn’t much of a mushrooming culture here compared to Europe. In the past, foreigners have died as a result of poisonous mushrooms in NZ. So many local people just leave mushrooms well alone here, scared away by timesContinue reading “Mushrooming in New Zealand: a cautionary tale”

Every picture tells a story: In every neon alley, a world

In every dark alleyway there’s a new world to discover in Tokyo filled with tiny izakayas, strangely named bars and vending machines. It’s possible to never go down the same street twice or ever become bored of new and interesting things to see and do. The hidden danger is that when you leave, it willContinue reading “Every picture tells a story: In every neon alley, a world”

Day out in Wellington: The Terracotta Warriors at Te Papa Museum

The first week that we moved to Wellington we went to see Te Papa Museum’s landmark exhibition: Terracotta Warriors: Guardians of Immortality. Enshrined in darkness and dim light, the exhibition feels like being submerged into the underworld. The exhibition offers you a rare opportunity to have an intimate and immersive encounter with remarkable treasures fromContinue reading “Day out in Wellington: The Terracotta Warriors at Te Papa Museum”

Travel: Weird subway ads in Japan

On a recent trip to Japan I took mountains of footage.  Advertising is totally out of this world and so I created this homage to Japanese ads, on trains, JR stations, the streets and so on. I created these gifs with colour distortion to properly convey the feelings you have in situ. Initially,  after aContinue reading “Travel: Weird subway ads in Japan”

Every Picture Tells A Story: Tamaki Drive at Night

I have a complicated relationship with Auckland. Over the past five years since we moved here, the city has become a bloated, enormous metropolis which simply cannot sustain its ever-growing population. Essentials like roads, public transport, health care and housing have fallen apart at the seams in Auckland leading us to head south and awayContinue reading “Every Picture Tells A Story: Tamaki Drive at Night”

Every picture tells a story: Cosy Asakusa, Tokyo by night

You know when you just come across something so ridiculously photogenic on the street that you have to photograph it….this was one of these moments. As I have a strange and enduring obsession with all things neon, wandering around Tokyo at night taking photos is my ideal heaven.

Every picture tells a story: Kanpai in Asakusa, Tokyo

As darkness falls over Asakusa in Tokyo, loads of locals who have just finished work head to their favourite local restaurant for some amazing and succulent ramen. A lady brandishes a treat in the air and makes her Chiba Inu jump and twirl for the entertainment of passers-by. Salarymen and tourists on their third orContinue reading “Every picture tells a story: Kanpai in Asakusa, Tokyo”

Travel: Lazy summer weekend ideas on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula

Only got a weekend in Melbourne, but want to experience the best of an Aussie summer? The Mornington Peninsula is where to go. This is where the locals flock for the best beaches and laid back holiday vibe.  Located in the south east of Melbourne, it’s my original stomping ground and so I know itContinue reading “Travel: Lazy summer weekend ideas on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula”

A photo of the day: Dusk in St Heliers, Auckland

We have lived in Auckland for the past four years and every other day, I walk the length of Tamaki drive, a long 8 km sea-skimming road that is bike and pedestrian friendly. Although the city itself can be a pretty bland and tiresome, the walk along Tamaki drive is always different depending on theContinue reading “A photo of the day: Dusk in St Heliers, Auckland”