Comforting Thought: Regard yourself as a cloud


“Regard yourself as a cloud in the flesh; because, you see, clouds never make mistakes. Then through this capacity you will develop a kind of confidence … you will be able to trust your own intuition.”

Alan Watts

Published by Content Catnip

Content Catnip is a quirky internet wunderkammer written by an Intergalactic Space Māori named Content Catnip. Join me as I meander through the quirky and curious aspects of history, indigenous spirituality, the natural world, animals, art, storytelling, books, philosophy, travel, Māori culture and loads more.

4 thoughts on “Comforting Thought: Regard yourself as a cloud

  1. Clouds are nice way to visualise thoughts and sensation when consciousness is the open sky…but haven’t tried this!
    How’s things? All good with you there? We’re well here in Hong Kong…things returning to normal finally…phew

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    1. Hi Jeremy its great to hear from you! I started an environmental movement and have been busy with this, and other than this ive moved around quite a few times, nolonger in Auckland with all the floods and everything. Im glad to hear things are returning to normal in HK. Big hugs


      1. Yep still here 😊 It is very worthwhile it has connected me to some really kind, genuine and humble people who just do their thing don’t want to make a big deal out of it but who never stop fighting for animals and beautiful natural places, it has restored my faith in humanity that despite all the corruption from corporates and from the top down there is people who are amazing too.


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