10 Cool Things I Found on the Internet #24

This week it’s going to take some intense eye-bleaching and palate cleansing to get the gross taste out of your mouth. So here are some things to hopefully brighten up the rooms and windows of your mind.

Future Imperfect by River Crow

The future may be hopeful. The future may be fearful.

The future will be imperfect.

There is no version of events where the world will wake to a glorious utopia. Likewise, there is no version of events where the world will wake to a post-apocalypse hellscape. These extremes are both as unlikely as the other, and both as unlikely as to be impossible.

It often seems like change comes from Great Men (and why, oh why is it always men?) at the top, or sweeping revolutions and reforms that change everything, all at once.

But change so often isn’t like that. Yes, those big events are momentous and can restore or shatter hope or fear. But change, real change, comes from the small moments in between.

A forest grows at the pace of trees.

A river cuts through rock at the pace of water.

Continents shift and mountains form and fall at the pace of tectonic plates.

Small movements, small changes, working in harmony with each other, create something far greater than the sum of their parts.

~ Read more at The River Crow

Aphex Twin’s Stone in Focus for 10 hours, along with Japanese macaques chilling in a thermal lake

Sloths get rewarded for being exceedingly lazy

Sloths get rewarded for being exceedingly lazy

We may think that the sloth, living as it does in a slow-motion, dim, muffled world, is being punished, but it is actually a very successful mammal. Other than the harpy eagle, sloths have few predators. This is partly because they move at a pace that rarely gets them noticed and are therefore hard to spot, and partly because – being little more than a stringy bag of half-digested, fermenting leaves – they don’t make for a very nutritious meal.

~ Nature Nook

The ancient etymology of the word Otter

Otter is an ancient word that comes to us from Proto-Indo-European. Otter’-word can be reconstructed as udró- and is certainly a #derivative of the word for water. Udro means ‘one belonging to the water’

  • Vedic: udrá- ‘an aquatic animal.
  • Hindi: ūd
  • Proto Germanic: utra
  • Old English: otor
  • Old High German: ottar
  • Old Norse: otr
  • Lithuanian: ū́dra
  • Latvian: ûdrs
  • Old Prussian: udro
  • Serbo-Croatian: vȉdra
  • Russian: výdra

Via Twitter

Hot girls selling computers in Yugoslavia in the 90’s

  • Rather racy photos of hot girls selling computers in Yugoslavia in the 90's
  • Rather racy photos of hot girls selling computers in Yugoslavia in the 90's

See more

Mont Saint Michel from a drone

It looks so serene here, almost like a fake video game, there is a surreal quality to it.

Autumn Riders by artist Emily Balivet

Emily Balivet, is an entirely self-taught, freelance artist who has been producing art in the style of figurative realism for over 20 years. Inspired by Art Nouveau, 60’s psychadelia and mythical beings. Read more

Autumn Riders by artist Emily Balivet
Autumn Riders by artist Emily Balivet

Dr Langfeldt’s Dictionary of Animal Language

A quirky way of understanding the murmurs, sighs and squeals of animals. Originally featured in the Boston Glove on the 24th of April 1910

Dr Langfeldt's Dictionary of Animal Language
Dr Langfeldt’s Dictionary of Animal Language

Via Twitter

Bruegel: a fall with the Rebel Angels Immersive VR experience

Experiencing a medieval painting by Bruegel dating from the year 1562 like never before!

A recipe for fried pumpkin dating from 1882 by A Dollop of History

Taken from Meals for the Million, the People’s Cookbook by Juliet Corson.

I really liked this recipe! It’s a nice little side dish and a fun way to use pumpkin for something other than decorating. Fried zucchini and acorn squash is a favorite around my house, but this does taste noticeably different. If you like the taste of pumpkin you’ll probably really enjoy it. ~ Sannie B, A Dollop of History

Get the recipe

The Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge by Jorge Luis Borges

A strange and nonsensical way of categorising animals by Jorge Luis Borges. Found on the amazing and eclectic blog The Generalist Academy, it highlights the arbitrary and silly nature of taxonomy and list-making. Yet it’s still fun to do…

  • those belonging to the Emperor
  • embalmed ones
  • trained ones
  • suckling pigs
  • mermaids
  • fabled ones
  • stray dogs
  • those included in this classification
  • those that tremble as if they were mad
  • innumerable ones
  • those drawn with a very fine camel hair brush
  • et cetera
  • those that have just broken the vase
  • those that from afar look like flies

Via The Generalist Academy

Nanny the beautiful grey moggy living her best life with her human in the Colorado Rockies

Apparently the internet loves her back because she has a much-anticipated 2021 calendar coming out.

I hope you enjoyed these picks for the week, let me know what you think below…

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21 thoughts on “10 Cool Things I Found on the Internet #24

    1. Yes, I agree…each one of them is a masterpiece that takes you into a different world. I hope to interview her on this blog one day. Thanks for reading and your comment 🙂


    1. Thank you Jonelle so glad you feel better, I try and keep these collections as uplifting as possible. Big hugs to you xxx


    1. Dreams of Dali, yeah I think it was you who actually introduced me to the whole VR art thing with this post of yours then I went onto Youtube and found Bruegel so thank you


  1. Lots of cool stuff this week, as always! You can’t go wrong with some cute otter content! And thanks so much for referencing The Nature Nook again!


    1. It’s my pleasure I love to share your amazing, high quality posts I always learn a lot about different animals from them 🙂


  2. So THAT’s what they mean by ‘porn on your laptop’: (the semi-naked guy face down on his keyboard!) And the black leather and lace dominatrix adds just the right touch! 🙂


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