Hawaii’s volcanic spectacle and Pele the Fire Goddess

This sky-level satellite image above shows how most of Puna is covered in a lush green canopy, with some visible lava flows in the District of Puna. Puna is one of the smaller islands in the American states of Hawaii. At around 1,300km2 Puna is slightly smaller than the island of Kaua.  It’s subtropical climate andContinue reading “Hawaii’s volcanic spectacle and Pele the Fire Goddess”

Chasing fire and embers across the Californian badlands

Jeff Frost is a self-confessed fire chaser and photographer. Just like in Australia, California is prone to wild fires that rapidly get out of control. They are the natural peril that haunts the dreams of country dwelling people in both regions. Frost’s film is made up of hundreds of thousands of high-res photos compiled in stop motion.Continue reading “Chasing fire and embers across the Californian badlands”