Six overlooked, obscure and incredible podcasts for your listening enjoyment this holidays

Six overlooked, obscure and incredible podcasts for your listening enjoyment

Are you looking to crunch down on some substantial podcasts but are sick of reading or listening to the same thing? Here are some high quality podcasts that are often overlooked.

The Many Minds Podcast

Do you enjoy learning about animals, nature, human and animal psychology, environmental topics, biology and history? If so, you will adore the Many Minds podcast. It’s interdisciplinary, animal rights focused and features experts in many different fields from Neuroscience, psychology, animal behaviour, biology and more.

Dunc Tank

Host Duncan Gammie interviews curious and interesting guests with an incredibly broad spectrum of interests and expertise. Expect talks about philosophy, history, transhumanism, politics, digital culture, literary luminaries of the past, environmentalism, subcultures, religion and spirituality, AI and technology, psychology and much more.

A bit of optimism with Simon Sinek

Author Simon Sinek is a kind of genius at blending different disciplines like communication, psychology, spirituality and history into his books. In his podcast he talks to people he finds inspiring, kind and caring and who have managed to overcome horrible things in life and who still preserve a sense of optimism. His chats with people are warm, friendly and often funny.

An Anarchist FAQ

This podcast seeks to demystify and clarify what exactly anarchism is and what it isn’t. There are loads of misconceptions about it and in this educational and fascinating podcast you will find out how anarchism actually has noble and ethical ends and is founded upon personal and community autonomy, independence and how the philosophy of anarchism is naturally compatible with social justice, animal rights and environmental justice movements. with Leo Gura

There are now countless so-called self-help gurus on podcasts. This means there are a lot of wannabes who claim to be well-read and have the answer to everything. Leo Gura is not one of these people, he takes insights from 1000’s of books he has read, which he summarises and reviews on his website. He’s immensely humble and delves deeply into important philosophical and psychological topics like the nature of love, the nature of death, overcoming trauma, understanding war and conflict, does free will exist?, understanding and coping with nihilism, transcendental meditation, does God exist? and every other topic under the sun. If you ever find yourself confused by the world – you may find his insights helpful.

He also has a Youtube Channel but his podcast (which is the same content without the visuals of his face). His podcast is excellent for long walks – each episode is around 2 hours long, but trust me – it is well worth it.

The Endless Knot

If you are curious about the etymological history of many of the common words in the English language and how their usage was tweaked, changed and developed with the flux of cultures then you will love love love this!

This is the companion podcast for the incredible and underrated Youtube Channel for the Endless Knot which I have featured on this blog many times in the past, in the 10 Interesting Things series.

Happy listening, I hope you will check out these podcasts. Please let me know what you think below…

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