10 Uplifting things I found on the internet this week #7

10 Uplifting things I found on the internet this week #7

1. Moons of Nirn: A 90 minute atmospheric ambient mix

An epic and transporting mix of emotional ambient music, along with stunning footage of the Aurora Borealis. This makes for an awe-inspiring background soundtrack to the rest of my top ten.

2. Wycrow: Finding Stillness

Inspiring fellow blogger Wycrow talks about how to find stillness while remaining true to himself…

“Deep within the still centre of my being, may I find peace”. – From the Druid’s prayer for peace.

Frank MacEowen (2002) uses the Irish Celtic word sitchain to describe a sense of peace that can be entered into to become an sith, in alignment with “the shimmering peace of a place”. MacEowen writes: “There are many ways of becoming an sith, of becoming the peace: Engaging in deep meditative states within the natural world. Hillwalking and going on pilgrimage. Making ablutions in a stream or spring…All these are ways of entering sitchain“. Read more

3. Eichhörnchen mit Babies (squirrel with babies)

An enchanting introduction to a tiny furry woodland creature and her baby.

4. Cheeky reptiles eating a plate full of salad in Japan

5. A lantern-like jellyfish that lives 4 km down in the Mariana Trench

6. Kim Grant (lovely and inspiring vlogger) stays in a cute lighthouse on the Isle of Skye

You too can stay in the Eilean Sionnach Lighthouse Cottage on Skye, with AirBnB 😉

7. Peace with Anxiety: Why Suffering is Necessary

Inspiring fellow WordPress Blogger Peace With Anxiety talks about suffering and why it’s necessary….

It’s not a secret that no one likes to suffer. Suffering has been a constant in human life experience. This is because suffering is essential for human expansion and evolution of consciousness. Without suffering, the world has nothing to change. 

This is not to say that suffering is necessary to feel loved. This only means suffering is necessary for expansion of human awareness. So as long as we are incarnated on earth, we are supposed to encounter suffering inorder to transcend it and thus integrate it. Read more

8. How we integrate information, in amusing and accurate visual models

Pictures speak louder than words to explain how people process information…

9. Finding resilience together: A calming yoga class with Esther Ekhart

10. Lovely Poppyshell recites Maya Angelou’s ‘Still I Rise’

A soothing and inspiring presence on Twtter, Poppyshell always creates inspiring content for anyone who is wanting to reflect on or heal from trauma or adversity.

Bonus: The Academy of Ideas: The Problem of Anger

This one seems prescient and relevant this week as the world reacts and goes crazy. How do we constructively deal with injustice and create change in a lasting way, without descending into chaos?

Have you found anything inspiring on the internet this week that you would like to share?

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    1. No problem! I love your insights they have really helped me and I hope they help others, much love to you too ❤


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