Organic skincare review: Kereru

Organic skincare review: Kereru

*This is not a paid promotion – I’m just a fan of this brand.

I found this non-descript, non-advertised, old-fashioned brand of organic skincare at an annual street festival in Wellington called Newtown Festival, where the friendly owner/creator was selling her wares.

Organic skincare review: Kereru
Kereru’s market stall

I tried Kereru’s skincare without expecting much and was completely blown away by the quality of them.

A bit of disclaimer before we get going on this gushing review – Kereru (inexplicably) don’t deliver products overseas. So if you are outside of New Zealand, best to not continue reading as you won’t be able to buy it anyway.

Basically Kereru create highly potent, highly aromatic skincare that is made from all organic botanicals such as marshmallow, lavender, calendula and rosehip. The botanicals are grown on their own property, a sprawling and beautiful farm estate in the Pohangina Valley, Palmerston North. They moved to the valley back in 1981 and have quietly building a strong local following ever since then.

Organic skincare review: Kereru
Aromatic and very soothing facial oil from Kereru

I find it absolutely miraculous that such a humble, down-to-earth and 100% real brand can exist for so long with pretty much ZERO advertising or fancy branding. That they have been successful and grown their business and have a proper production facility and farm is a testament to the quality of their products alone…this in spite of their no frills brand, absolutely zero marketing and a very badly made website, where it’s impossible to order things too!

Organic skincare review: Kereru
Incredible chocolate soap made from organic cacao, smelling good enough to eat
Organic skincare review: Kereru
A chocolate and vanilla lip balm – also good enough to eat.

They have hand-drawn labels and a very DIY aesthetic. Given how effective their products are, and how AMAZING they feel on the skin – this old-fashioned and DIY brand has become a beloved friend to me, making me feel great and pampered, and kept me sane – even while the COVID-19 chaos was going on outside in the world.

“We have always endeavoured to produce effective products with simple but quality Natural Ingredients; and to sell them at a price the ordinary person could afford. The product mix has altered and grown, but this fundamental philosophy has not changed. Our products do not use mineral oils, synthetic perfumes, preservatives, or any of the many dubious additives found in most commercial products. Lately we are pleased to be able to source more essential oils and other ingredients that are certified organic.” From the Kereru website.

They even use their own organic calendula flowers grown on their farm.

I can’t speak highly enough of this brand and its products. I recommend these ones:

  • Rose & Marshmallow Rich Facial Moisturiser
  • Rose & Marshmallow Moisturising Facial Cleanser
  • Scented Rosehip Facial Oil
  • Lavender Cream Calendula & Manuka Honey – this is their signature product and it has a soothing and relaxing lavender smell and sumptuous and rich skin feel.
Organic skincare review: Kereru

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8 thoughts on “Organic skincare review: Kereru

    1. Yeah I know right, it’s all about the local ingredients being high quality and strong…the lavender in this is incredible. Yeah I highly recommend this brand if you have some female family members in NZ that you need to buy a gift for…not that expensive and incredible quality.


      1. Kanuka…I had to look that up because I hadn’t heard of it before. Yes some very potent ingredients here 🙂


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