A pep talk for babes who are on fire

A pep talk for babes who are on fire

This pep talk is brought to you by the PEP TALK GENERATOR.

You are a ball of fire. You are a flaming, feisty, bold ball of fire. You may feel like you get extinguished a lot, but you are set ablaze more times than you are drowned. You are smart, you are unique, you are interesting, you are creative, you are capable and you are important. You can kick ass when you set your mind to it. There is no obstacle you can’t overcome. Don’t stop believing in your ass kicking skills, ever!

And this song by The Boss is brought to you by the big man himself.

The title of the peptalk really made me think of Bruce Springsteen. There’s no coincidence that you can see fireworks here. In 24 hours or so there will be a new year upon us. Now’s the time to throw away that shit that’s been bothering you this year and start afresh with a new perspective, a new fire in the belly. Go forth and be a babe on fire.


Pep Talk is a wonderful project by a lovely creative collective called  BABE VIBES. Check out more free Pep Talks or download their wonderful PDF booklet entitled #MethodsOfSelfCare.

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