Travel: Welcome To The End Of The World – And It’s Amazing

Welcome To The End Of The World - And It's Amazing

Welcome to Slope Point. This is no man’s land – southernmost tip on New Zealand’s South Island.

Basically what happens is that air circulating from Antarctica bursts forth towards these shores and create ongoing turbulence that’s so violent that trees are warped and gnarled in perpetuity, and envelop the landscape in twisted, morphed shapes.

This is a sparsely populated part of New Zealand – like so many other remote and wild parts of the South Island.

Although farmers are a resourceful bunch, so they tried to create a safe haven for the livestock with some sheltering trees. Judging from the photos it seems that it was all for nothing the violent winds seem to make this place inhospitable for livestock and humans.

This place brings to mind an Edgar Allan Poe poem or the novel Wuthering Heights. As bleak and restless the landscape appears though, it’s still incredibly beautiful. Steep cliffs descend dramatically into the sea here and leave no respite for anyone.

Slope Point makes me realise that New Zealand is such an unpredictable and surprising place to call home. It’s not far from the fiords and mountains, yet it seems an entire world away.

Welcome To The End Of The World - And It's Amazing

What about you, do you live near some natural wonders that really capture your imagination? 


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