Two Products From Lush That Are Less Than Great

Two products that I would not recommend from Lush

Although there are a couple of real winners from Lush, (which I have mentioned in my previous post ere are also a few products that leave much to be desired. In the spirit of honesty and keeping my product reviews balanced, here are a couple of products that I have not really been at all impressed with.

Lush Sugar Scrub 

This scrub is very difficult to love. Break off a piece and then exfoliate your body in the shower. Although to be honest it is tough going. It’s very harsh on the skin and probably needs to be mixed with a soap or shower gel just to get a good mix of moisturisation. Perhaps this is just a subjective experience, but I would say that it’s not for everyone. The aroma is enticing but not like their more amazing products. My experience with it was a mixed bag. Although if you like a vigorous scrub and don’t mind ultra harsh exfoliation then this probably will work for you. On a positive note, it does have a nice after effect which leaves soft skin when you leave the shower. See more

Two products that I would not recommend from Lush

Curly Wurly Shampoo 

This shampoo seemed promising because it’s designed for curly and unruly hair types (i.e. my hair type). However it was baffling in terms of what it delivered. Grab a bit and massage it into the hair and what happens is that the little coconut flakes work into your hair and leave a dandruff like flakey appearance to your hair after you shower. The coconut bits are quite sticky and refuse to be untangled from your hair. It smells a bit like a chemical gel for your hair and leaves a sort of greasy patina to your locks, it’s not at all recommended. See more

Two products that I would not recommend from Lush

It may seem petty but really it’s not. The majority of Lush’s products are superb and nobody can get everything right 100% of the time. Have you had a positive (or not) experience with Lush, if so let me know below. 


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