Seven Products from Lush That Will Convert You To The Cult (Of Lush)

Seven Products from Lush That Will Convert You To The Cult (Of Lush)

As you probably already know, I am obsessed with Lush. Although for good reason, it does exactly what it claims on the tin. Which is completely refreshing given the amount of bullshit that’s touted by cosmetic companies, all trying to make a buck out of crappy products. For a change, with Lush, what they say about a product actually occurs. Although some of their products stand out more than others.

The other main reason I love them is because they are militantly against the testing of cosmetics on animals. This is an important trick that most mainstream companies have failed to grasp. Consumers won’t be fooled by good advertising if you regularly blind or maim rabbits and dogs in labs in order to make said ‘wonderful’ products. We are not stupid, we are not powerless either.

My boyfriend and I are LUSH converts

I used to dabble in it occasionally. Then recently I bought my bf tickets to a music festival, so in return he bought me a veritable bonanza of Lush products (at 50% off) to say thanks. We profoundly enjoyed the stuff that we bought and this set off a crazy chain of events, where we  purchased just about everything in the whole range!

As a result, we now consider ourselves to be connoisseurs. I would like to stress that neither one of us received any freebies or anything. We just work our little butts off, so we feel that we deserve the at-home pampering. So here’s our greatest hits from Lush, based on us buying out the whole shop’s range!

1. Honey I Washed the Kids Shower Gel

This is what honey must smell like straight out of a beehive although devoid of stickiness. It’s basically distilled honey that can be smothered all over the body in the shower and softens the skin. As the smell and golden colour is so evocative of real honey, it’s quite special. Although this sounds corney, you can’t help but smile when you’re smelling it in amongst the steam in the shower and imagining a fuzzy little bumble bee. We are sold, give us your biggest bottle. Have a look

Seven Products from Lush That Will Convert You To The Cult (Of Lush)

2. Big Shampoo

Big Shampoo is made from sea salt and is sold as the right solution to fire up your limp and fine hair. I basically threw that idea out of the window with my exceedingly thick, curly and wild hair. This is because the aroma was so wonderful. It smells just like a blowsy, windy day at the beach. 50% is sea salt and there’s a seaweed infusion and fresh lime juice for shine. It makes your hair soft and pliable and adds body and shine. Basically this is what the description says on the website and this is indeed what it does. It also makes your hair smell like you’re a mermaid and you’ve been living in a rock pool on a windswept island in the company of coral and scallops. Forget the idea that this shampoo is made only for limp hair, my hair is voluminous and wild and it still works incredibly well. Have a look 

Seven Products from Lush That Will Convert You To The Cult (Of Lush)

 3. Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie

This is a body polish for the shower. It’s probably the nicest smelling thing to use in the shower – ever! It’s a smoothie, in that it has the consistency of a fine buttery yoghurt that melts over the skin. The smell is a heady mix of jasmine, Turkish rose, almond oil, neroli and cocoa butter. Lather yourself up with this if you intend to impress or seduce someone, or otherwise just make yourself feel damn fine. This does indeed smell like Turkish Delight, it’s an aromatic fragrance bomb that brings to mind a Turkish bazaar. Have a look

Seven Products from Lush That Will Convert You To The Cult (Of Lush)

 4. Let the Good Times Roll Cleanser

This was a surprise. The name Let the Good Times Roll gave no clue about how this would smell. The answer is like a scrumptious mixture of baked cookies and buttery popcorn. When you’re cleaning your face with it you have the weird compulsion to start smashing it into your mouth as well. It contains popped popcorn in it as well just for further artisan effect. The cleanser contains tiny grains so that when you rub your face vigorously and then wash the cleanser off, there remains a tingling, softening sensation as though you’ve just sloughed off all of your cares for the day. Have a look

Seven Products from Lush That Will Convert You To The Cult (Of Lush)

5. Tiny Hands Massage Bar

This was another surprise. I was dubious initially while looking at it. This was the first hand cream I’d ever seen that looked just like a soap and was in the simple shape of a hand. Although looks can be deceiving. The Tiny Hands Massage Bar melts in your fingers as you play with it and releases a pungent and luxurious scent of vanilla, chamomile, marigold and cocoa butter and feels like a mother’s hug. The calming oils and scent have an instant calming affect. If you’re anything like me and sit in an office for longer than is humanely advisable, then you will appreciate this treatment for your hands. Have a look

Seven Products from Lush That Will Convert You To The Cult (Of Lush)

6. Big Buffy Body Butter

This is strange but in a good way. It’s a scrub, a massage bar, and a shower gel – all rolled into one. Rub this product all over yourself  in the shower and experience an oily, therapeutic treatment for the skin. There are ground up bits of rice, almonds and beans in there that slough away dead skin cells and then the rich shea butter and cocoa butter sinks deeply into your skin. After you towel yourself off, your skin will shimmer like satin and feel like silk. Have a look

Seven Products from Lush That Will Convert You To The Cult (Of Lush)
May look unassuming and even dull to look at, but the affect on the skin is pure class

7. Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar

This massage bar reminds me vaguely of Deep Heat, in that it has the same heating/cooling affect when massaged into sore muscles. Although in this case, the massage bar contains only natural ingredients. This is a strange but wonderful experience. There are aduki beans in it (not sure what they are, but they are awesome), and these create a stimulating and warming feeling in the muscles as you work the massage bar in. The bar itself turns into an oily mass and this makes it perfect for lathering onto someone’s back. Unlike their other massage bars, but seriously a cut above them all. Have a look

Seven Products from Lush That Will Convert You To The Cult (Of Lush)

FYI we aren’t really big spenders, we wait until the 50% off sales and then go wild. What are your thoughts on Lush?

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