The Truth About Greyhounds Part 1: Greyhound Racing in Australia

Seven Myths Dispelled About Greyhounds

Following a shocking expose recently on television, the greyhound racing industry is hopefully going to be brought to its knees. Here are ten things you should know right now about the lucrative and revolting greyhound racing industry.

1. State Governments Keep it Afloat – Because After All, It’s Profitable

The Truth About Greyhound Racing in Australia

2. Naturally Gentle Dogs Are Completely Expendable – 9 Out of 10 Are Killed

Only one in ten greyhounds will ever survive into old age. The rest are shot if they don’t make the grade for racing. Their personalities are naturally gentle and sweet, but they are goaded with brutal training tactics. read more about greyhound cruelty.

3. Live Baiting Using Kittens, Piglets and Possums Is Common Practice

Evidence of live baiting was captured by Animals Australia. The screams of tiny baby animals being torn to pieces can be heard echoing across the race track. When the animal hasn’t died the first time it’s ‘reused’ in the next races.

The Truth About Greyhounds Part 1: Greyhound Racing in Australia

The Truth About Greyhounds Part 1: Greyhound Racing in Australia

4. 12,000 dogs are ‘retired’ from the industry each year…but they rarely are rehomed

Why is this the case? In part 2 of this series, I will dispel some common myths about greyhounds as a breed. It is sad that not only does the racing industry mistreat these gentle and beautiful animals, they have given this hound a bad reputation which is unwarranted.

4. The greyhound racing industry in Australia is worth 4.7 billion a year

However a 2014 cost-benefit analysis and productivity review performed by Price Waterhouse Coopers found that the NSW racing industry is a ‘consumptive sector that doesn’t generate any significant productivity benefits for the rest of the economy’.

Seven Myths Dispelled About Greyhounds

Just like bear baiting and cock-fighting, greyhound racing is an entrenched blood sport for the selfish pleasure of humans. It has meant the death of millions of defenceless animals and the endless abuse of gentle-natured dogs that are more happy being cuddled rather than racing. 

5. McDonalds, Hyundai, Autobarn, Bendigo Bank and Schweppes have all withdrawn support and sponsorship for greyhound racing

Only one sponsor remains. ATC Insurance Solutions. Email them and ask them to withdraw their support here:


 Join me again in two days for Part 2, and learn about the sweet and quirky true nature of greyhounds. 

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