Aspen the Frontier Dog is one handsome, adventurous and capable canine

The Internet is awash cats. Twitter and Facebook is a constant spam feed of felines. And yet we forget our other noble companion, the quietly humble, wise and obedient dog. Enter into the fray the Internet sensation Aspen, the hiking, all knowing mountain climbing golden retriever shot along with his owners in panoramic settings.

Frontier dog Aspen is one dapper and capable canine

Aspen accompanies her human companions Sarah Mitchell and Hunter Lawrence on epic trails in the more remote parts of America.

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Regal, beautiful and photogenic, Aspen is a champion for her kind in an online world unfairly obsessed with cats. Follow Aspen’s human companions on Instagram. And if you’re itching for more dogs in drag, check out this post about Menswear Dog. Looking to lavish some love to a lost and lonely dog? here and here are some reasons to consider adopting a greyhound!




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