Iceland’s Powerful Wilderness + Indigenous Wisdom From Around the World

Black Elk: Oglala Sioux (1863 – 1950)

The first peace, which is the most important is that which comes
within the souls of men when they realise their relationship, their
oneness with the universe and all of its powers. When they realise
that at the centre of the universe dwells Wakan-Tanka, and that this
centre is really everywhere.

Magic by Iceland and Thoreau

Image Source: Moyan Bren

 It is within each of us. This is the
real peace and the others are but reflections of this. The second
peace is that which is made between two individuals, and the third
is the peace which is made between two nations. You should
understand that there can never be peace betweeen nations until
there is first known the true peace that dwells within the souls of


Image Source: Moyan Bren


Image Source: Moyan Bren


Image Source: Moyan Bren

Orpingalik: Netsilik Inuit (Early 20th Century)

Songs are thoughts sung out with the breath when people let
themselves be moved by a great force. Ordinary speech nolonger
suffices. A person is moved like an ice-floe which drifts with the
current. Your thoughts are driven by a flowing force when you feel
joy, when you feel fear, when you feel sorrow.



Image Source: Moyan Bren


Magic by Iceland and Thoreau

Image Source: Vic Montol

Thoughts can surge in you, causing you to gasp for breath and making your heart beat
faster. Something like a softening of the weather will keep you
thawed. And then it will happen that we, who always think of
ourselves as small, will feel even smaller. And we will hesitate
before using words. But it will happen that the words we need will
come by themselves. When the words that we need shoot up by
themselves – we have a new song.


Image Source: Claudia Regina


Mevlana Rumi: Turkish (1207 – 1273)

Love is the astrolabe of god’s secrets
This way or that, love guides all to eternity
Words may enable us to understand
but ineffable love…is the best enlightener


Image Source: Moyan Bren




Image Source: Moyan Bren

 The intellect becomes like a donkey mired
in mud in its efforts to explain love
It is love which explains love
The evidence of the sun is in the sun
If you require proof, turn your face from it.


14317487833_dbd6b1f971_z (1)

Image Source: Moyan Bren

I hope you enjoyed the journey into the mystical sources of our human knowledge. There is limitless wisdom there that can be used in our everyday lives. I think the ancient spiritual wisdom pairs well with the misty and magical landscapes of Iceland. Let me know what you think!

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9 thoughts on “Iceland’s Powerful Wilderness + Indigenous Wisdom From Around the World

      1. My pleasure. That’s a wonderful dream! I hope you get to make it come true. I’ve been working on a book for quite a while now, and have a second one pending. I hope I’ll publish the first one next year 🙂 Travel sure helps when it comes to writing. Opens a whole new world for you. My dream destination was Morocco, which I made come true this year in January ( yaaay). Next on the list, Norway, but I need more summer for it 🙂 I also consider some countries in Asia, but let’s see how it goes. Have a lovely day! x

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      2. I am following you now and enjoying your updates too 🙂 What did you think of Morocco? I found it to be a bit challenging in some ways but beautiful and vivid and inspiring. About this novel in progress…would love to hear more about what it’s about. Have a lovely night/day xx

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      3. Thank you for your kind words! I’m happy to know you enjoy my posts. Morocco was an interesting mix of feelings 🙂 We went through all seasons in a few days, we experienced snow, cold, rain, but also sunshine and beauty. I absolutely loved the people and the culture. I still miss it and I hope I’ll go back there again, one day. Here’s the full story:
        About the book, the one I’m currently working on is about a space travel adventure, in which we discover our faults as humans, and see how much we destroy around us, all from the perspective of a child. I am very excited about publishing it and staring my next one.
        Have a lovely day! xx


      4. This book sounds amazing! So on the pulse with what so many people are feeling right now about the world and how to preserve what we have. I look forward to hearing more about it. Will have a read of your Morocco post too. I am trying to like the page but for weird error thing happens there when I do. I will check with WordPress about it. Anyway will let you know what I think on this thread. I love the images you look so happy 🙂

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      5. Thank you so much! I’ve been an animal and environmental activist for quite some years now, so I thought it might be a good idea to draw the attention on the matter, through a fun story. As soon as is finished, I’ll post some words on it. I want to illustrate it myself, so let’s see how it goes. I hope you will enjoy the Morocco post. I was extremely happy, like I’ve never been before. My childhood dream came true that week 🙂 xo

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  1. Gorgeous landscapes and powerful words of wisdom. Both bring us closer to nature and the pulse of the universe around us. Thank you.

    Very Best Regards,

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    1. Thanks Eric, glad you enjoyed it. I find this is the case too. Every time I step out into nature then it soothes worries and anything that’s been bothering me seems small compared to how gigantic the universe is

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