50 Beautiful Words To Sprinkle Into Communications

Fifty Words To Help You Flirt Well

Our digital world is swarming with recently made-up words like YOLO and SWAG, plus misappropriated words like ‘awesome’ to mean pretty much everything. This demands that literary types everywhere come out of the woodwork in protest! Here are some luscious and fulsome words to sprinkle liberally into your communications. Alternately you could wield these words as Gandalf would a protective talisman.

All of these words have been hand selected for their dulcet and evanescent beauty. They are not guaranteed to win you any sort of real world success, but they simply exist as objects of far-reaching felicity. Like treasures in museums, some words are so beautiful that they deserve our attention and persistent use.

So find a cosy inglenook or seraglio, preferably in a bucolic setting. Settle down with a cup of tea. There’s a certain natural ebullience that comes with writing like an 18th century dandy.

1. Ailurophile: A cat-lover

2. Assemblage: A gathering

3. Becoming: Attractive

4. Beleaguer: To exhaust with attacks


Fifty Words To Help You Flirt Well: Brood

5. Brood: To think alone


Fifty Words To Help You Flirt Well

6. Bucolic: In a lovely rural setting

7. Chatoyant: Like a cat’s eye

8. Comely: Attractive

9. Conflate: To blend together

Fifty Words To Help You Flirt Well: Dalliance

10. Dalliance: A fleeting love affair

11. Demure: Shy, sheepish and reserved

12. Denouement: The resolution of a mystery

Fifty Words To Help You Flirt Well: Diaphanous

13. Diaphanous: Filmy and transparent

14. Dulcet: Sweet, sugary

Fifty Words To Help You Flirt Well: Ebullience

15. Ebullience: Bubbling enthusiasm

Fifty Words To Help You Flirt Well: Efflorescence

16. Efflorescence: Flowering, blooming

Fifty Words To Help You Flirt: Evanescent

17. Evanescent: Disapearing quickly, lasting only a short time.

18. Evocative: Suggestive

Fifty Words To Help You Flirt Well: Fetching

19. Fetching: Pretty and attractive

20. Felicity: Bliss, pleasantness, pleasantness

21. Gossamer: The finest piece of thread, a spider’s silk

Fifty Words To Help You Flirt Well: Halcyon

22. Halcyon: A defined period of happiness and carefree peace

23. Imbroglio: An altercation or complicated situation

24. Imbue: To infuse or instill

25. Incipient: The beginning, in an early stage

Fifty Words To Help You Flirt Well: Ineffable

26. Ineffable: Unutterable, inexpressible

27. Ingénue: A naïve young woman

Fifty Words To Help You Flirt Well: Inglenook

28. Inglenook: A cozy nook by the hearth

29. Labyrinthine: Twisting and turning

30. Lagniappe: A small gift given gratuitously

Fifty Words To Help You Flirt Well: Lilt

31. Lilt: To move and shimmy in a lively way

32. Lissome: Slender and graceful

33. Lithe: Slender, elegant and flexible

Fifty Words To Help You Flirt Well

34. Mellifluous: Melodious and sweet sounding

35. Moeity: Two things which can be divided

36. Mondegreen: When two similar words are misunderstood

37. Murmurous: Murmuring

38. Opulent: Lush, luxuriant

39. Petrichor: An earthy smell of the dirt after rain

40. Quintessential: The most essential

41 Redolent: Aromatic, fragrant


42. Riparian: By the bank of a stream

Fifty Words To Help You Flirt Well: Ripple

43. Ripple: A tiny wave

Fifty Words To Help You Flirt Well: Scintilla

44. Scintilla: A sparkling object or tiny thing

45. Sempiternal: Eternal, everlasting

46. Seraglio: Rich, luxurious oriental palace or harem

47. Susurrous: Whispering, hissing

The Platonic Solids

48. Talisman: A good luck charm

49. Tintinnabulation: Tinkling

50. Wafture: Waving

There…Now after reading the list, let me know if you’re still uninspired by the English language!

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Content Catnip is a quirky internet wunderkammer written by an Intergalactic Space Māori named Content Catnip. Join me as I meander through the quirky and curious aspects of history, indigenous spirituality, the natural world, animals, art, storytelling, books, philosophy, travel, Māori culture and loads more.

7 thoughts on “50 Beautiful Words To Sprinkle Into Communications

  1. Used many of these very words in my two recently published books, which I hope yo can view on my blog home page. Still, I’ve learned some new ones. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Best


  2. These delicious words. As for using them for flirting? Maybe not. Too few have a command of the English language. Thank you for offering this wonderful list!

    I just discovered your blog. It is such a treasure trove!


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