Comforting Thought: Introverts mature more gracefully than extroverts

Give me space shy introverted dog

Some extraverted people can avoid being introverted and turning inwards, for years at a time. Later in life, self-reflection becomes important for everyone. In short, introverts may mature more gracefully. So you are in good company. Ignore the barbs about ‘lightening up’. Enjoy the levity of others and allow yourself your own specialty. If you’re not good at chit-chat, be proud of your silence. Equally important, when your mood changes and your extroverted self appears, let it be as clumsy and silly as it needs to be. We are all awkward doing our non-specialty. You possess one piece of the ‘good’. It would be arrogance to think any of us should have it all.

Dr Elaine Aron, “The Highly Sensitive Person’

Read my review: The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron

For some of you, reading this book may be like holding a mirror up to yourself and really seeing yourself for the first time. This was most definitely the case for me.

Publisher: Penguin

Genre: Non-Fiction, Psychology, Spirituality.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Book Review: The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You by Dr Elaine Aron

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