10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #81

Andy Kehoe, 'Liminal Communion'

Are you yearning to know what your grandpa’s eau de toilette smelled like? Perhaps you want to see a deer from Star Wars, different coloured carrots, rotund cats…whatever you’re after, you can find it in edition #81 of interesting things…

The Body is Round

What did 1968 smell like? Not like your grandad’s armpit but maybe something close…

Originally tweeted by Pulp Librarian (@PulpLibrarian) on December 12, 2021.

This beautiful and peaceful lo-fi mix is great for focus

I love the cosy animation of a couple in front of a campfire

Great news! Giant pandas are no longer endangered

They are called Xiongmoa which means ‘bear that looks like a cat’ in Chinese. The giant panda was once close to extinction but populations have bounced back in 2020 due to reforestation and conservation campaigns.

Great news! Giant pandas are no longer endangered
Great news! Giant pandas are no longer endangered

Via The Happy Broadcast

Andy Kehoe, ‘Liminal Communion’

Andy Kehoe, 'Liminal Communion'
Andy Kehoe, ‘Liminal Communion’

Via Outre Gallery

A spectrum of carrot colours

According to Reddit’s comments, the orange ones still win out over other varieties in terms of sweetness and flavour. Still – I would love to try the other colours to experience what they taste like. Via Reddit

The Saiga Antelope

The Saiga Antelope looks like an animal straight out of Star Wars! They are a critically endangered species of ungulate that live across a vast area of the Eurasian Steppe spanning from the Carpathian mountains to Mongolia. During the Pleistocene they used to live in the Americas (via the land bridge at this time in the Bering Strait) along with the UK (via the Doggerland land bridge). Demand for the Saiga Antelope’s horn for Chinese Medicine has pushed them to the brink of extinction. Although recent efforts in 2021 by the Kazakhstan government to crackdown on poaching have seen their numbers rise from 334,000 to 842,000. I am so happy to see these guys coming back!

Via Reddit and Wikipedia

The Saiga Antelope

A nourishing and homely vegan winter stew recipe

Even if it’s not cold where you are…this recipe is cosy enough for you to want to put on a scarf

Peanut vendor wearing a suit made of peanuts (1890)

Something tells me this fella really liked peanuts

Peanut vendor wearing a suit made of peanuts (1890)

Shy wintery animals to populate your cosy daydreams by Jody Bergsma

I propose that mankind shares a common reality, just beyond the range of normal sight. The images are emotions, those which are unseen but felt… unheard but known. There are moments when we have acute awareness of existence… like the feeling of exultation when one stands on the edge of a mountain, or the top of a crescent moon. Each man’s physical adventure is unique, but the abstract language of feelings, and our realization of existence is our shared experience. My paintings are part of my personal adventure. Memory simplifies the setting. I no longer see the mountains edge, but I do see the feelings it stirred.

Art is a tradition that helps define who we are and brings us a vision of who we can become. My painting is my expression and request for a more beautiful, peaceful and harmonious world.

Wishing you an endless childhood,

Jody Bergsma

Originally tweeted by Oksana Ivanik Art (@ivanik_oksana) on December 13, 2021.

I hope you enjoyed this brief foray into a magical wonderland, where dogs smile up at you as you walk by and there is no war. Please feel free to leave a comment below if you liked it…

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5 thoughts on “10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #81

      1. It smelt like lime coolaide tasted – a big disappointment – I was expecting something exotic. It didn’t get the girls humping any more than usual. I consider it a “sea monkeys experience” where I was expecting something cool based on the ad but it turned out to be very pedestrian.

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      2. What’s SeaMonkeys? Hahaha I think this sounds pretty cool but I know now not to invest in sea monkeys. Isn’t that the way with so many consumer items? They are mostly disappointing. Buying clothes online is like this 😁 I have followed you now…I like your blog 👍


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