10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #80

The Heartless by Super Rare

Did you know that if you contemplate the following items you may find your heart relieved of weight and stress. Or you may feel confused or intrigued…in any case you should not take while pregnant or with alcohol. Hope you enjoy…

Obscure cat breeds

Here are some cat breeds you may not know of…

Art by Jim Benton

Via Reddit

Kindness helps you and it helps the world

According to research, being kind to strangers releases feel-good hormones in your brain which gives you a ‘helpers’ high’ and it also helps to make other people feel good too.

Kindness helps you and it helps the world
Kindness helps you and it helps the world

Via the Happy Broadcast

A banging trance set from Cosmic Gate as the sun sets over NYC

People live on tiny islands in Germany called Hallige and use self-built trains shuttle people, goods and everything between towns

These tiny islands called Hallige are sometimes less than few 100 meters in diameter with only 15-20 people on each island. Only the houses are on elevated areas and if there’s heavy flooding then only the houses can be saved from the floods.

Streets in these places aren’t possible and so the rail lines with the self-made tiny trains are the only connection between the islands. You only need to be 15 years old to drive these tiny trains. The tiny trains running on dykes between the islands are the only connection to the other islands or the mainland. The little trains are used for everything: Transport, passenger transfers…and also for fun!

Via Reddit

A spectacular blue iceberg

Via Reddit

A spectacular blue iceberg

Blue icebergs develop from older, deep glaciers which have undergone tremendous pressure experienced for hundreds of years. The process releases and eliminates air that was originally caught in the ice by falling snow. Therefore, icebergs that have been formed from older glaciers have little internal air or reflective surfaces. When long wavelength light (i.e. red) from the sun hits the iceberg, it is absorbed, rather than reflected. The light transmitted or refracted through the ice returns as blue or blue-green.


To Anyone,

I have been locked away in my prison for longer than I care to admit. Not because of some outside force keeping me in, but because I never cared to leave it in the first place.

The world and all who inhabit it have left me feeling nauseous, anxious, and riddled with fear. I had never even considered my loved ones worth fighting for, worth seeing, and I knew that it was killing me.

Little by little, slowly every day. My time here was running out. When I awoke this morning something hit me. This feeling… that this is my last day. I knew that I had to try and say goodbye before I vanished for good.

I owed them that much. I owed them an explanation as to why their love for me meant nothing. I was finally ready to face the judgement of living, but I never got the chance. I stepped outside into a world that had also given up.

The sky had lost it’s hue. The sun escaped. What little love was left in this world had vanished, and the only thing that filled my lungs was dread. I couldn’t help but breath it all in.

A force that was threatening our very existence loomed on the horizon. A force that I was familiar with. I knew all to well what this energy was, and what little I could do to stop it. It seemed that the world now felt what I felt, and any dream of finding peace was no longer an option. I betrayed my life and in turn all life betrayed me.

I know that it’s too late for me to change the course of my existence, but if you’re reading this it’s not too late for you. Don’t let this energy consume us all, don’t let us vanish into darkness.

If your chest feels heavy be sure to open your heart, or else you’ll end up like me.

Best of luck, The Heartless”

Via Tye on Twitter

New research: Time doesn’t exist…we make our own time!

Experiencing time is one of the weird parts of our lives. Often, there’s just not enough of it. Other days, there’s way too much time on our hands. And no matter what, it keeps going forward, like an inexorable tugboat, pulling us through emotional experiences and physical transformations. We are left with memories of what has been, unable to change anything, unable to jump forward and see what’ll happen next.

Yet, such a common experience of time may not be what it appears to be. A new paper published in the October issue of the Annalen der Physik, known for publishing Albert Einstein’s theories of special and general relativity, argues that time is not some force outside of us, but rather a phenomenon created by the observer. Basically, you make your own time.

‘Time Might Not Exist Outside of Our Minds, Propose Scientists’ The Big Think.

This guy faked his way to London Fashion Week

It’s amazing where great cheekbones, cheap H&M gender-neutral clothing and a bored disinterested expression will get you…

Prophetic past ideas that came true…besides the drugs part…so far

Originally tweeted by Monsieur Pompier’s Travelling Freakshow (@MonsieurPompier) on August 28, 2021.

Vegan Beef Bulgogi recipe

Looks mean…

Soul Man by Sam & Dave

Listening to this makes me feel energised and like I can take on the world…

Learn how to swear in Mandarin

This woman embodies how I feel about Russia and Ukraine war and also many other things. I wish I could tell people to fuck off with this much passion all the time. I’ll let her do it for me!

Hiya…I hope you enjoyed this weird and wonderous assortment of things let me know your thoughts about this below…

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