10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #78

Tati the French cybernetic dog

Do you have a love of cybernetic dogs, Prince or the artist formerly known as, how about frogs that are designed to be camouflaged on the edge of creeks? Do you like hero dogs? Then you will like edition #78 of 10 Interesting Things. Stay cool muchachoes…

Tati the French cybernetic dog

Tati is a beautiful cybernetic dog built in France in the 1950s. He was found in an antique shop in Paris. His exact origins and creator are still a mystery. Tati is now owned by Daniel Dennett. More information about this vintage robotic marvel is available via Old Robots

Creepy animatronic oompa loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Prince: Raspberry Beret

An Italian fisherman drops gigantic sculptures into the Mediterranean to stop illegal fishing trawlers

In a bid to stop illegal trawling, an Italian fisherman persuaded sculptors to create huge marble artworks – then dropped them in the Mediterranean. Turtles, dolphins, lichen and fish have returned to the area and it has stopped the illegal trawling from happening. The sculptures by artists have created an underwater museum for scuba-diving which has boosted tourism. Via The Happy Broadcast and The Guardian.

Wavy gravy pavement at an apartment block in Berlin

Via Reddit

Cosy tavern on a rainy day: blissful acoustic ambient mix

Great for study or deep contemplation

Henri-Edmond Cross “Provence Landscape, 1900”

Henri-Edmond Cross “Provence Landscape, 1900”

Henri-Edmond Cross "Provence Landscape, 1900"

Originally tweeted by Francisco Ribeiro (@fraveris) on February 2, 2022.

The Vietnamese mossy frog

A gorgeous and texturally rich frog that would camouflage well into the mossy, ferny forest floor. Found via Reddit.

Chocolate vegan recipes with Pick Up Limes

Yves Tumor – Secrecy Is Incredibly Important To The Both of Them (Official Video)

This song is the first time I have heard Yves Tumor, an alternative artist who takes from every genre under the sun – but mostly post-punk, goth and dark industrial/electro – a combo of my favourite styles of music. In this song could hear Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (DAF), Siouxsie and the Banshees, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Killing Joke, The Cure in there, but his sound is totally unique, fresh and electrifying! Also the video clip..holy shit! I needed to watch it at least ten times to really approach an understanding of it. I am now a bit obsessed.

Compare to DAF’s classic dark electro/post-punk song: Der Mussolini

Michael Hingson’s hero dog Roselle guided Michael’s whole office through darkness and 78 floors of the WTC on that fateful day

What a good girl Roselle!

Roselle was asleep under her blind owner Michael Hingson’s desk on the 78th floor in Tower 1 of the World Trade Center when the WTC attack commenced. She was awakened by the plane’s collision 15 floors above them. Roselle calmly helped Hingson to the stairwell, despite the smoke, confusion and noise surrounding her.

She led her owner and 30 other people down 1,463 steps out of the tower. 

“While everyone ran in panic, Roselle remained totally focused on her job, while debris fell around us, and even hit us, Roselle stayed calm.”

Michael Hingson

Once clear of the tower, Roselle led Michael to the safety of a subway station, where they helped a woman who had been blinded by falling debris. Once they arrived home, Roselle immediately began playing with her retired guide dog predecessor, Linnie, as if nothing important had happened.

I hope that allowed you to hit the command-shift-Esc buttons in sequence and now you feel fully refreshed let me know what you think below….

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