10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #72

Medieval parent magazine by Jemma Correll

Eyeless tiny monsters of the deep with mucinous smiles greet you on this fine February morning and some robots from the future beckon you good morrow with tidings from outer space. Also a friend has made you some Turkish coffee cooked on hot sand for you to enjoy. A cat is growing before your very eyes. Welcome to planet Content Catnip, enjoy your trip…

Shinrin-Yoku or the Japanese art of Forest Bathing has multiple mental and physical health benefits

Overwhelming scientific research backs up the power of forest bathing to help with numerous mental and physical health benefits.

Shinrin-Yoku or the Japanese art of Forest Bathing has multiple mental and physical health benefits, via The Happy Broadcast

Read more: https://t.co/u81pHTizG2#mentalhealth #nature #forestbathing pic.twitter.com/GjQuEZXUwy— The Happy Broadcast (@happybcast) December 15, 2021

‘Even if I look crazy or like a monster, I’m all about love’

An enlightening and mind-blowing chat with a woman who looks extremely different but who has a pure and gentle heart.

A blind and helpless kitten morphs into a majestic adult kitty

I like how with kittens and puppies the paws are enormous first and then they grow into them, as seen here.

Via Reddit

An environmentalist’s lesson for an improvisational life

“The more closely you observe patterns of waves as they break on the shore, the more likely you are to find patterns within those patterns, eventually being able to anticipate what may come next.”

Via MIT Press Reader

Ginkaku-Ji temple zen garden, Kyoto © Content Catnip 2018 www.contentcatnip.com
Ginkaku-Ji temple zen garden, Kyoto © Content Catnip 2018 http://www.contentcatnip.com

Michael Beach – De Facto Blues (Official Music Video)

Some driving, haunting, melodic post-punk.

Caecilians are animals that look like something out of Aliens

Caecilians means ‘blind ones’ in Latin. They are a a group of limbless, vermiform or serpentine amphibians that lurk in the shadows of streams and the forest floor. They are least known order of amphibians and lurk in the tropics of South and Central America, Africa, and southern Asia. They eat earthworms but they live in your dreams. Via Brook Fitzwater

Originally tweeted by Brooke Fitzwater (she/her) 🐟 (@Oceanfilly) on September 24, 2021.

What a concert of robots from the year 2200 would sound like…

Be proud of your national dress by Ask the Mountains

“People wearing their national dresses symbolise unity. A research conducted on this subject showed that youngsters wearing traditional clothes, irrespective of western pressure, had fewer behavioural and emotional problems. The reason being that they are in touch with their ancestral culture, religion and traditions and thus not confused about their identity or who they are.” Makes sense to me; feeling like you belong and have a community is very important. Nowadays, I think many of us feel a part of many different groups, because we live in a globalised world, and clothing can be changed, thus changing your identity. Maybe that makes our traditional and national dresses even more special? ❤

Monica Olivia

An aromatic, vegan hot and sour soup from Will Yeung

This Turkish coffee cooked on boiling hot sand looks hypnotising and delicious

Found via Reddit

Suzanne Valadon, View from My Window in Genets (Brittany), 1922 #WomensArt

Suzanne Valadon, View from My Window in Genets (Brittany), 1922 #WomensArt
Suzanne Valadon, View from My Window in Genets (Brittany), 1922 #WomensArt

Originally tweeted by #WOMENSART (@womensart1) on November 17, 2021.

Why do some people become psychopaths? A lecture by the Royal Society

Do you work with a psychopath or are you (god forbid) attached intimately to one? I am personally thankful that I have managed to eradicate all psychopaths out of my life. However, I can sense psychopaths coming towards me a mile off and I am still fascinated by them. So…in case you are also wondering, here is why some people become psychopaths.

An African Grey Parrot makes a Samsung notification sound…

I don’t really know how I feel about this. I suppose it’s better than a parrot mimicking the sound of a chain saw in the jungle – which I have heard before. Here is how you can help them, they need all of the help they can get!

Medieval parent magazine

I am a bit of a medievalist and a enthusiast of all things medieval, although I look back from the privileged distance of several hundred years and oceans of modern conveniences. Here’s a magazine for medieval mums and modern mums to enjoy…

Via artist @gemmacorrell and tweeted by Matthew Cobb (@matthewcobb) on January 31, 2022.

Medieval parent magazine by Jemma Correll
Medieval parent magazine by Jemma Correll

From The Nib:

So what did you think about this circus of malcontents and misfits? I hope you enjoyed it please let me know your thoughts below. I hope you have a great week folks.

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6 thoughts on “10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #72

  1. Fascinating. The kitten’s transformation is entrancing to watch. The lecture on psychopathy was also very interesting, thank you. I am a little surprised though that such a renowned academic would present Ted Bundy as a prime example of a “criminal” psychopath. I would say that Bundy was a very very unusual “criminal” psychopath, very atypical indeed and certainly must not be discussed as an example in this category (no matter how “exciting” he may sound). I talked about it in my recently reviewed book on Bundy. He displayed all the traits, of course, but being so fully integrated in the society he certainly did not follow the path of some 99.9 % of all the other psychopaths currently in jail. Unlike other psychopaths, he definitely gained “pleasure” and “happiness” from normal human interactions and by being perceived as “good” and “kind” by others – he even saved a girl from drowning when he was young. He was completely devoid of guilt, shame or empathy, of course, but that does not mean he was not able to recognise these characteristics, “adopting” them sporadically to suit his aims. He knew exactly what normal behaviour and kindness were – otherwise he would not have been able to maintain such a high emotional connection with so many people, from his close family members to long-time girlfriends, colleagues and friends.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s really interesting Diana! I had no idea about his traits in this way. I have a fascination for understanding evil people like this why they do the things they do. It also freaks me out a fair bit as well as being interesting. Do you work in this area, as in forensic psychology or criminal psychology? Fascinating area of work.


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