10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #66

Icarus Falls by @kreepshowshop

Curl up in a cosy corner and feast your mind on these glittering gems and little known wonders. I hope you like edition #66, the first edition of 2022.

Spray to use on Twitter trolls

Schiaparelli Afternoon Pyjamas from the 1920s a century before its time!

From the 1920’s. This comfortable and chic indoorwear from a century ago looks just as amazing 100 years on. I would most definitely wear these clothes now and be ready for some lockdown lounging.

Schiaparelli Afternoon Pyjamas from the 1920s
Schiaparelli Afternoon Pyjamas from the 1920s

Florence Fang’s Flinstone house

Florence Fang decided to put up her middle-finger up to people in her conservative neighbourhood in California, with her fluorescent home and dinosaur statues. Who knew that giraffes existed during the time of T-Rex hehe? Apparently she rents this place out for thousands of dollars per night as an Air B&B. The local council have tried to sue her because of the way this place looks, however (internet legend says) she wins these court cases and uses the money from winning to buy more dinosaurs. I love you Florence…you have a fan in me! Via Reddit

Florence Fang's Flinstone house
Florence Fang’s Flinstone house

Making bottle gourd siters with mastercraftswoman Tina Yu

The level of artistry in this is INSANE! The end results look like something out of a Ghibli film. I love the soothing and gentle music too, very enjoyable seeing the journey from clay pieces to masterpiece!

The left hand path in witchcraft

Things just floating by

With a speckled, iridescent membrane, the aquatic animal is almost entirely transparent—only its optic nerve, eyes, and digestive tract are visible to humans—and sightings like these are so infrequent that scientists previously resorted to studying the species only after pulling it from the stomachs of its predators.

Via the curiously eclectic blogger Miscellaneous Details

View video by clicking on image

A mumma bear and her cubs take a tentative dip in the water in Lake Tahoe

Via Interesting as Fuck on Reddit

Bird of Prey: a short film about the critically endangered Philippine Eagle by Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Bird of Prey is a multi award-winning feature-length documentary from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, weaves a remarkable story of the world’s rarest eagle species and the heroic individuals working tirelessly to save these creatures. Click to view the whole documentary on Youtube.

Philippine Eagle by Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Philippine Eagle by Cornell Lab of Ornithology

A cutesy, quirky mash-up of Star Wars and Pokemon in this 360 degree immersive painting

View the whole image by clicking on the photos below. Via Kuula

We fly, we crawl, we swim: a short film about climate justice

A powerful short film about humans’ power over and slavery over other sentient beings.

Soothing organic shapes, amoeba, jellyfish and floating entities by Yellena James

Yellena James grew up and attended art school in Sarajevo. At the age of 18 she moved to the US. After gaining her BA in painting and graphic design at UCF, she eventually made her way to Portland, Oregon. Using pens, inks, markers and acrylics, she combines complex abstract forms and creates mystical and imaginary ecologies in her paintings.

Her colorful arrangements of organic shapes and tangled lines are at once floral and alien, organic and sci-fi. Each intimate world she creates seems to posses its own ethos and its own special ability to radiate emotion.

Via Yellena James

Heart Chakra Healing Soundbath

I like this, it’s perfect for meditation, or yoga or simply as a chilled out background music for tasks that require a lot of concentration.

Happiness chemicals and how to get them

Found on Reddit

Icarus Falls by @kreepshowshop

This reminds me of Odilon Redon one of my favourite artists and I love it so much! Found via Twitter.

Icarus Falls by @kreepshowshop

I hope you enjoyed this journey into the far horizon of consciousness and being, let me know what you think of these choices below…

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