Comforting Thought: Life is too short for anger

Comforting Thought: Life is too short for anger

Life is far too short for anger. You must learn to repress emotions that disturb your peace of mind and prevent you from standing firm. If you want to stand firm, it is a precondition that you aren’t easily knocked off your stride. We are constantly bombarded with appeals to our emotions – on television, on social media and in advertising. This constantly changes what we want.

Olivia Laing, The Lonely City: Adventures in the Art of Being Alone

If you constantly pursue ephemeral desires, then you can’t stand firm.

If you can’t stand firm, then you aren’t in a position to do your duty.

You should therefore learn to suppress your feelings. It bestows a certain degree of dignity on an individual to be in control of their emotions.

Practise wearing masks. Practise not being offended by the pettiness of others.

From: Standing Firm: Resisting The Self Improvement Craze by Svend Brinkmann

Svend Brinkmann

Svend Brinkmann is a Danish Professor of Psychology in the Department of Communication and Psychology at Aalborg University, Denmark. He serves as a co-director of the Centre for Qualitative Studies. He is the author of ‘The Joy of Missing Out’ and ‘Stand Firm.’

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