The connection between curiosity and happiness

What New Zealand native species are you? Southern Right Whale

A lovely blogger friend on here Jonelle recently did an article on where to see the lotus blossoms in Tokyo. She had witnessed a little kid blowing soap bubbles through the stem of a gigantic lotus blossom and decided to do it herself. This is something I would love to do too. Many adults wouldnt blow the soap bubbles. They live properly adult lives – in other words they are thoroughly boring and lose touch with what makes them curious about the world.

Asakusa, Tokyo by Night. Copyright © Content Catnip 2018
Curiosity drives me to stay out until 4 am taking photos of alleyways © Content Catnip 2018

I can relate to this way of being and seeing the world. With a sense of wonder and curiosity, an insatiable need to find out about experiences, places and stories from the world unseen. Behind the next mountain, at the next subway stop, on the next beach, in the next shop or park.

Insatiable curiosity towards learning more about everything in the world drives me and many people. For me, the journey of seeking and finding is the very definition of happiness. Curiosity and a thirst for knowledge has enriched me and strengthened me in many ways. What about you? Can you notice any connection there between curiosity and happiness?

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4 thoughts on “The connection between curiosity and happiness

  1. Just catching up on my blog reading, and I found this lovely piece that was sparked by the very things I’ve been thinking about, here in Japan! Thanks for taking it further & sharing!


  2. Curiosity is a child-like behaviour, and thats a good thing!

    According to Nietzsche, “A child-like spirit is vital to happiness, health, and well-being. Being a child allows us to find contentment, life is a celebration, a precious gift that can be opened every second of the day.”

    Not an expert, but wrote a blog on it a short while ago:


    1. I have just read that post and it’s just amazing Joanne, I look forward to reading more on your blog. I have left a very extensive comment there. Speak again soon!


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