Find the thing that you lose yourself in…and do that for the rest of your life

The Maori legend of Pania: Kaitiaki and taniwha of the reef retold in street art

After much pussy-footing around and oscillating around the place like a pinball, trying just about every aspect of marketing and comms in the commercial world I realised finally what I knew all along….that I need to just simply do what I lose myself in deeply and conclusively. By that I mean I can simply dissapear and become the creative work itself, melded and blended together in a strange miasma of pixels, 11110000111’s and brain power.

I lose myself in writing, deeply and unequivocally .And I lose myself in editing film….deeply and unequivocally.  Sometimes for half a day, 10 hours or so…without eating, moving, going to the toilet or drinking any water. It’s insane.

I am now considering doing a Masters of a PhD in creative writing..or something involving both film and writing because it only seems sensible and sane. Do you have anything you do that feels like an addiction but that is actually incredibly creative or productive. I’m glad for it, I feel blessed for having that, even if I don’t eventually create something of immense cultural value or anything. Hey – set the bar low and then always be amazed by anything tiny I reckon. 

Today’s creative soundtrack – throw back to 2000

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8 thoughts on “Find the thing that you lose yourself in…and do that for the rest of your life

  1. This is it really. If you’re lucky enough to find what you love then it’s just a matter of getting good, defining the purpose and adding value to others through what you do. Right? Writing/film/video are heady combo – there’s a lot of space to carve out a niche there~!


  2. Thanks for this post, we are dealing with similar thoughts.

    After having lived through more than half of my time on this planet I have finally figured out what I want to do when I grow up.

    As life unfolded, I found myself occupied with my engineering career, while I also wanted to write about culture. Two seemingly contrasting pursuits. My problem was that I am like a bumble bee who flies from bird to bird – without focus.

    The past year I have done a lot of thinking about how to obtain focus and I think I have finally figured it out.

    I am using the summer solstice as the time to cement the next phase of my life and become, as you so nicely put it, “lose myself in writing, deeply and unequivocally” in my new focus.


    1. Hi Peter, that’s so lovely that you realised that. I think it’s beautiful to be as you put it, a bumblebee flitting from bird to bird. I can relate to that. Perhaps it can be that you can have a plurality of interests and loves but then meld them all into the one thing to talk about culture or engineering. A book about culture and engineering would be really interesting for sure. When you bring together threads of different disciplines it can be really fascinating. I want to do this too in my fiction. 🙂


      1. As a bumblebee I stay away from birds to avoid eaten 🙂

        Extending the analogy, I am carrying so much pollen, it is time to make some honey!

        I suppose it is time to release the mad scientist that has been inside me for so long.


      2. Ah yes Peter…the more outrageous the better really, with so many people vying for attention its a good idea to tap into the quirky side to get attention, can’t wait to read that. Keep being a busy bee Peter and I hope you have a great Christmas 🙂


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