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<3 The Internet: Get music, book, art and film recommendations

Marek Gibney is the creator of the Music Map, the Film Map, the Tech Gadget Map, the Art Map and the Book Map. These ingenious web based apps allow you to get recommendations on books, music, films and art by typing in your favourite artists.

It’s sort of like a cooler and less annoying version of Spotify which you dont have to pay for. The apps displays your recommendations in a plain text format. The closer two artists are located to the centre and to each other – the more similar they are and the more likely they are to suit your music/art/book/film taste.

david bowie
Here when I searched for David Bowie the app gives me similar artists close in style to him (but still no match for him)

It’s the sort of cool algorithm that could make a lot of money in the right context and is a lot of fun to play with and to gain insights into new, often overlooked artists who may otherwise not come onto your radar.

To see more, visit Marek’s site.



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