Phoenix Rising: How Clothes Transform Women Inside

As the world of fast fashion attests – fashion is important. However cost and consumerism are besides the point.

Although the dominant narrative suggests that we women should buy more, consume more in order to be fashionable – it’s rather a state of being and artful expression.

Clothes can make the woman and have a transformative power that can imbue a woman with power, presence, femininity, freedom, elegance, subversiveness.

More than simply sartorial expressions, clothes are can reflect the power lying latent within the soul. Click on image for video


Courtesy of Nowness

On sartorially creepy women who check out other women

Click on image for the video

Courtesy of Nowness

Why is it more satisfying to have a woman admiring your clothes rather than a man? Could it be because women understand aesthetics and beauty in a much more refined way than (straight) men do, as (straight) men are always informed by their desire of women. Perhaps it’s because other women admire beauty in a much more well-rounded way that encompasses spirit and joie de vivre as much as sex appeal?


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