Menswear Dog Is Dripping With Badassery

Menswear Dog Is Dripping With Badassery

Menswear Dog is very quietly becoming a thing. This dog is sauve as f%&* and a real hit with the ladies. If you’ve become tired of seeing male humans in perfectly coordinated and well tailored outfits, then you’re in for a real treat. See below…I have hijacked the popular Tumblr blog with my own captions.

Photos are courtesy of Menswear Dog, captions courtesy of me.

When witnessing Menswear Dog’s awesome apparel and thoughtful temperament, there is only one quintessential soundtrack.

If only I could morph into a rottweiler, my life would become more fulfilling

Menswear Dog Is Dripping With Badassery
CIO Gordon finds these circular conversations about Middle Eastern politics really tiresome. For gods sake, how can one relax in an Ischgl Ski lodge without entering into the fray!
Menswear Dog Is Dripping With Badassery
Eric flashed a smile at Joanna. Always on. Always ready to make a good impression. He considers his apparel a personal advertisement of his success. Sometimes when he gets out of the shower he can’t draw his eyes away from his own naked body. Secretly, he admits that if he could have sex with a clone of himself, he probably would.
Menswear Dog Is Dripping With Badassery
Pieter and Mattias have divested their interests from the company. How dissapointing. One can only rely on oneself in this world. And my mother….but her scotch eggs made me ill last time I was there. No…sadly I can only rely on myself.
Menswear Dog Is Dripping With Badassery
What is this woman on about? I can’t believe they offered me free tickets to this TED talk when it’s clearly so banal and middle of the road. I guess they really wanted bums in seats.
Menswear Dog Is Dripping With Badassery
Nothing like getting out of the city for a spot of fishing. Even this momentary off-grid adventure means something substantial. Work seems a long way away right now.
Menswear Dog Is Dripping With Badassery
Taking Shelagh and the girls on a cruise through the Hauraki Gulf this weekend. Tiki-touring around Auckland’s islands in style. I feel I’m a man of substance today. Morning sun in my eyes and catamaran under my feet. The open ocean spray is gently caressing my hair.

Caption it!!!

Now it’s your turn to caption these two photos in the comments. Go wild…


Menswear Dog Is Dripping With Badassery


Menswear Dog Is Dripping With Badassery

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