The Paris Metro After Dusk

The Paris Metro After Dusk

The Paris Metro is a beautiful work of art that has been depicted in many films and photographs over the years. Although many daily commuters would argue that it’s a stinking cesspit instead! It looks a lot more attractive than many other subways across the world and I enjoyed travelling on it when I was in Paris. Here are some little known facts and glorious photos from the past of this iconic train network.

The first metro line opened in 1900, just after the Paris World Exposition.

The Paris Metro By Night

The Paris Metro is an incredibly busy place. The network transports approximately 1.5 bn people per year. It’s the sixth busiest transport system in the world.

The Paris Metro After Dusk
Aliens in the Paris Metro (by Artist Golem 13)

Along with 245 working stations, the Paris Metro has a couple of ghost stations such as Arsenal, Haxo, or Porte Molitor. These have fallen out of use in the past decades but are occasionally opened to the public at fixed dates throughout the year.

The Paris Metro After Dusk
Paris at Christmas time in 1962

Image Source

The Paris Metro runs a collective toll of 600,000 miles each day. In other words 10 times around the earth.

The Paris Metro After Dusk
The Metro in 1979

You can take your little French bulldog onto the Metro but sadly bigger dogs aren’t allowed.

The Paris Metro After Dusk
The Paris Metro (2006) Stephan Rebernik

The Paris metro is the forth oldest metro in Europe after London, Glasgow and Budapest.

The deepest metro station lies 40 metres below ground level and is called Abbesses – sounds a lot like the word Abyss!

The Paris Metro After Dusk
Place De La Concorde 1959

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