The Thrill of The Hunt for Cassettes in the 80’s and 90’s

The Thrill of The Hunt for Cassettes in the 80's and 90's The most embarassingly shit songs of my 90's adolescence

Art is what you get when you combine sharpies, pencils, cassette tapes, ancient Word Processors and a whole lot of passion for music. Here’s Steve Vistaunet’s labour of love that will give anybody over the age of 30, fond and sad stabs of nostalgia for times past.

Has The Thrill Of Getting Your Hands on Music Gone?

I miss that delirious feeling of elation at finding something sublime on the radio and quickly taping it, hoping against all hope that the stupid thing wouldn’t shit itself and unwind mid-way through the track. The inaccessibility and the sheer cost of recording, buying and sharing music with friends was what music was all about then. Music was a tangible resource. Painful and expensive to acquire, but a real tangible treat when you did acquire it, and you taped onto cassettes or ripped onto CDs. Back in the age of cassettes and CDs it was an achievement, an exercise in sleight of hand and sneak-thievery to get your hands on bootlegs and burned copies. What ever happened to that? When it’s all so easy to acquire music, how do we now put value on it?

Adorning Cassettes - What's The Modern-Day Equivalent?

Images courtesy of Steve Vistaunet and his epic Pinterest page entitled 34 Reasons Why The 80’s Ruled. Steve’s obvious love for 80’s music is palpable. Visit his page to see more inspiring artwork. 

Here’s a question for you.  In the age of YouTube and ubiquitous music, have we all become too complacent and apathetic about how important music is?

Adorning Cassettes - What's The Modern-Day Equivalent?

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