The Secret Back Door to the Entire World

The Secret Back Door to the Entire World

This is just perfect for armchair travelers and people with incurable wanderlust. Take a step through this virtual door and be transported to some of the most curious, random and exotic locations in the world, all courtesy of Google Maps/ Google Earth. What a clever idea by this British door replacement company. Surely the marketing idea of the century! In the past hour I’ve traveled through a virtual wormhole to a Japanese bag shop, a wax museum in Madrid, a sauna in Sweden, a forest in the Netherlands and the oval office at the White House. Ā  The Secret Door

The Secret Back Door to the Entire World

Pretty cool. Let me know how you go…



  1. Forgotten NZ

    The first place I went was an abandoned Japanese warehouse and then I went under the sea in the Phillipines! I was stoked with the abandoned shots, the mysterious door knows me so well!! Hehe

    1. Content Catnip

      I know! I know! It takes you to amazing places, none are dull. I don’t know how they managed it but it’s really cool. Have wasted a few hours with this LOL, and I haven’t yet gone to the same place twice! YAY for fun distractions hehe

  2. egehlin

    Absolutely Fabulous!!

    The first place I went was a virtual art museum (that’s just uncanny). The second was the studio for a rock band. Then I visited the interior of the Hiroshima Memorial.

    I could do this forever and never get bored!!


    Very Best Regards,

    1. Content Catnip

      I am so glad you liked it Eric. Yeah me too, and I did spend about five hours on there, that music becomes a bit repetitive after a few hours though I have to say. Will have to jump back in again for some armchair travel soon, take care. Enjoy! šŸ™‚

      1. egehlin

        Shared the link with my wife and daughter, also a few friends at work. Everyone loves it!! When the music gets to me I just mute the sound on my computer and keep traveling.

        I haven’t had this much fun since I discovered the “Fruit Bump” game for my Kindle!!

        Best Regards,

      2. Content Catnip

        Yeah that’s a good idea, I think I will do a bit of a travel today when I have a lunch break but with the sound down, it’s lovely way to daydream. So glad your wife and daughter were impressed with it, that’s cool!! šŸ™‚

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