Thibaut Kinder’s exhumed photographs from abandoned SD cards

Thibaut Kinder's exhumed photographs from abandoned SD cards

What happened to reels of photos from old Kodak cameras of the 80’s and 90’s? They very well may end up in an Internet K-Hole, I’ve written about that strange website before. It’s a repository of old photos from people’s personal and public collections that squashed together and left to coexist in a creepy digital graveyard. It’s fascinating in that ‘I can’t look away’ compulsive kind of way.

Following the digital revolution, there’s still a glut of unloved and unclaimed photos. These are found on old SD cards at charity shops and garage sales. Photographer Thibault Kinder has been recovering data from these SD cards and compiling them together for his blog.

Thibaut Kinder's exhumed photographs from abandoned SD cards

Just like the Internet K-Hole, these post-digital relics together form a fascinating juxtaposition. There is no meaning and narrative attached to them individually or as a group.

They could be photos taken from the same SD card, or several different ones. In the same place and time or in different parts of the world over several decades.

Your mind will play tricks on you though as you try and unravel a mystery within a mystery. Who are these people and these locations? When were these photos taken, why and by whom?

It’s the modern version of a dusty box of keepsakes or toys found in the attic of an old house. Enjoy here!  

In case you’re curious, here’s another internet wormhole which you can travel through. A clever door company has created a piece of software which allows you into a random shop, room or abode extracted at random from Google Maps, somewhere in the world. Another one to occupy you for several hours. Discover the Cellar Door

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