Hello Fellow Citizens of the Pale Blue Dot

Flight mh17

I am so grateful to be alive today. When there is chaos and impending war all around us, that’s about all we can say, in our own individual humble way. All of my posts this week and next were prewritten about a month ago. Before all hell was unleashed in both the Middle East, Russia and the Ukraine.

It’s Unimaginable

How can the average person even conceive of what has happened? It defies belief and yet it is indeed happening. Everywhere on the news there is a sense of impending doom and gloom. Of lots of major decisions that will soon be made by global powers. These will have a ripple effect that reaches all of us, everywhere in the world. Right now the future of the human race seems uncertain. If you think I’m being melodramatic then all you need to do is look at what scientists are saying, and take a look at Google News today. Then I ask you to draw your own conclusions about the future.

I normally never write in the first person, but I thought this time I will make an exception. I feel as though it’s impossible to continue to post about wildlife, history and quirky discoveries when there is an elephant in the room, in everyone’s room called #MH17 and #Israelconflict.

Flight mh17

Escape Into What We Know

Despite these recent events, there is only so much sadness, horror and helplessness that one can take. Eventually we need to draw away, to distract or divert our attention to other things more wholesome and uplifting. Like making an Irish stew and watching a mindless comedy film with my boyfriend on a lazy sunday. This sort of thing is necessary so that you don’t become a total blubbering mess, so I hope you don’t feel guilty about it.

I have secretly sworn to renounce all society and escape into a remote part of the jungle and build a log cabin and form an off-grid community with other like-minded folk if the forementioned bullshit continues. I (naïvely perhaps) believe that humans were meant to co-exist together in small village sized groups, with cooperation, mutual respect and kindness being the common denominator. Again I repeat, I am naïve.

A Word of Advice: Don’t Watch Live Leak

If you value your sanity, please don’t watch Live Leak for your news. It’s full of unedited and uncensored gore. This channel is necessary of course, for knowing about the real unadulterated truth outside of the media. Something that I am very passionate about. However not seeing these images in the mainstream media is a mercy.

If you are anything like me, a sensitive and gentle soul then these videos will haunt your dreams and make you feel helpless and depressed.

I hope that there’s someone out there who can relate what I’m saying, it’s mental how we all live on this impossibly small pale blue dot and yet all of this bullshit is happening.


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