The Three Step Guide to Buying Cruelty Free

Firstly, The Dodgy List  Although many brands do test on animals or use animal-based ingredients (ie. non-vegan) ingredients, they get around this with some amazing marketing spin. As an self-described spin-doctor for brands myself, I still find this sort of deception repulsive.  Here’s some confusing and vague words to watch out for on product packaging:Continue reading “The Three Step Guide to Buying Cruelty Free”

Welcome to Ethical & Cruelty Free Products

In this new section of my blog, I will review high quality, ethical and cruelty free products that are not tested on animals. Also, I will try and review vegan cosmetics products and those produced from recycled or upcycled materials. I am talking about mostly cosmetics and skin care products, but also ethical fashion, shoesContinue reading “Welcome to Ethical & Cruelty Free Products”