10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #82


This week we learn how to love ourselves for being neurodiverse, we visit a cosy Tasmanian cottage, chomp down on a calming train ticket, enjoy a cute Polish claymation and hear some medieval Japanese tidbits of wisdom. Jump on cowboys and cowgirls we’re riding side-saddle through your imagination.

Learning and seeing the world differently comes with unique strengths

Much is said about being neurodiverse and ‘different’ in this world for a variety of reasons, and a lot of pathologising goes on. Yet – here’s an infographic which highlights the unique strengths of being a little different. Found via Twitter

Learning and seeing the world differently comes with unique strengths

Never Too Small: Tasmanian cottage

I’ve always loved cosy, small cottages that are well designed, private and yet have a feeling of openness to nature and the outdoors. This old Tasmanian cottage was transformed by an architect into a modern, warm and cosy home and I am practically drooling by the zen-like simplicity, elegance and cosiness of this place. This is one of my favourite channels on YouTube.

Edible Berlin metro tickets contain hemp to calm people down

Before you get excited and book a holiday in Berlin, it’s not the THC part of the plant which will make you high. Instead it’s a few drops of hemp oil, which is known to have a calming effect and to promote wellbeing. Still I would rather this than a plastic swipe card and it sounds like ‘just the ticket’ to ease commuter anxiety. Yeah I had to say that…sorry. Via The Happy Broadcast and Deutsch Welle.

Streets of Kyoto by The Kyoto Connection

Disappear into a serene world of anime and soothing vibes with this lovely ambient song.

Zoom Quilt

Do you fancy staring at a scrolling and endlessly moving fantastical feast which includes post-apocalyptic cities and dinosaurs. You don’t need to look any further…

The Zoomquilt was created a long time ago (in terms of the internet) in 2004. The project was started by Nikolaus Baumgarten and emerged from a scene of people creating collaborative artworks over the internet in the early 2000’s – the digital art group iCE.

Be amazed!

A mysterious 119 metre gigantic insect-man geoglyph is still a mystery in Chile

Atacama, Chile is the mysterious land of geoglyphs or gigantic ancient land paintings. We are still not 100% sure of what they mean but we can take a guess. Could they be symbols and landing strips for aliens to beam down and pick us up when the world becomes unliveable? Found via Interesting as Fuck on Reddit.

Miś Uszatek: “Nowy Kolega”

Who doesn’t enjoy vintage stop motion animations with cute Polish animals and dramatic storylines? They’re speaking slowly and clearly enough for me to understand as well hehe

A photographer took a photo before and after she told these people they are beautiful

Their faces light up like lanterns, tell someone they are beautiful today.

A photographer took a photo before and after she told these people they are beautiful

Stunning surreal kings and queens by Polish artist Tomek Setowski

Tomek Setowski was born in Czestochowa in Kracow, Poland. As a child he was extraordinary sensitive, creating his first painting when he was only three years old.

He studied the history of art at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Czestochowa Pedagogical University and has exhibited in the best Polish galleries, France, Germany and New York.

In 2000, he opened his The Museum of Imagination in his home town. He wanted to create an ivory tower to escape daily life. The place holds many treasures and secrets is a funfair of art, surprising people with the myriad of amazing objects.

His paintings are in a number of important private and museum collections, including the Muzeum Morskie in Gdansk. He has held over 60 individual exhibitions including at the Burij Al Arab, Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation and Emirate Towers.

Via the always enjoyable Helen Warlow on Twitter and Tomek Setowski’s website.

Game of Souls by Tomek Setowski
Drimer by Tomek Setowski

Vegan Ploughman’s lunch

This looks so yummy and healthy, who doesn’t like to snack and nibble when binge-watching something.

By Vegan Family House on WordPress

Kenkō: Medieval Japanese Buddhist Wisdom

Yoshida Kenkō (1283 – 1350) was a Japanese Buddhist monk and poet, best known for his posthumously published collection of short statements and essays known as Essays in Idleness or The Harvest of Leisure that demonstrate the essence of the Way in Buddhism.

Wisdom lies in understanding your own limits, and swiftly relinquishing what lies beyond reach. “

It harms a man more to wound his heart than to hurt his body.

Even people who seem eminently intelligent will judge others yet have no knowledge of themselves. It makes no sense to lack self-knowledge while understanding those around you. He who knows himself must be said to be the man of real knowledge


By the always insightful and inspiring Diana at Thoughts on Papyrus.

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of wonderful things from the wild west of the internet, let me know what you think of them below. Yeehaw!

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5 thoughts on “10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #82

  1. These are interesting piece of content indeed. My favourite was the photos of the before-and-after-you’re-beautiful ones. Makes me wonder what type of difference I can make in people’s lives through simple and small gestures. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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  2. I wish ZoomQuilt had a pause button! 😛 Yes, the before and after photos are so sweet. And love the artist. Thanks for the inspiration and another dose of good stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

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