Comforting Thought: We remember what we like/we like what we remember

Optical illusion, memory, time, performance art and telling the time in one stunning clock at an Amsterdam airport

Memory functions in curious and fascinating ways according to the fascinating guide to why we like things called ‘You May Also Like’ by Tom Vanderbilt.

Poetry and music from the film 'Wings of Desire' (Der Himmel uber Berlin)

One of the simplest and most innocent forms of bias is memory itself. In various types of competitions, people who performed later seemed to do better. You might think, as you headed to a job interview or some other competition with other candidates that going later might be a liability. The judges you would reason, may be tired. Yet researchers looked at everything from classical music competitions to synchronised swim meets and found a clear and compelling pattern: the later contestants appeared, the higher they scored.

You May Also Like by Tom Vanderbilt

Read the review: You May Also Like by Tom Vanderbilt

Book Review: You May Also Like by Tom Vanderbilt

Ever wondered why you like some things and dislike others? The answers may surprise you. ‘You May Also Like’ is a bubbly, effervescent, fun, erudite and informative book that I managed to breeze through in only one evening. It was so incredible that I bookmarked almost every second or third page. It’s just one of those books. Each page gives you an AHA moment of recognition (as Oprah would say). It turns out that our unique pastimes, preferences and peccadilloes are not as specific to you as an individual as you may have thought!

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