10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #48


Take a magical mystery tour into the twilight zone with this week’s ten things which I carved out of a giant ancient stone from the red centre of Australia, I hope you like them!

Sublime and summery jazzy hip-hop beats by Lewis Parker

Even if it’s not summer where you are right now, this album is like being in a room saturated with warm light.

Optical illusion makeup

What it must feel like to be a ghost haunting an ancient pagoda in Japan! Via Reddit

Optical illusion makeup

Palestininan Eggplant Fatteh by Nadia Gilbert

I just love Middle Eastern foods, they are really easy to make and healthy and it’s possible to make these and enjoy the flavours if you are vegan. I came across Nadia Gilbert the Palestinian-American chef on YT and I love her energy, charm and charisma, she is very cute.

Pan by Brecht Evens

Brecht Evens is an incredibly talented Belgian artist born in 1986 who specialises in graphic novel illustration. Via Twitter

Found via Twitter.

Happy hardcore rave and André Breton’s surrealism have a baby in this video

Hilarious, mystical and steeped in bizarre meaning.

The Wonder of Eggs by Nature Nook

Another egg-celent post by Nature Nook, if you aren’t following them already then you really should!

Every Picture Tells A Story: Nest Of The Lemon-Breasted Flycatcher
Every Picture Tells A Story: Nest Of The Lemon-Breasted Flycatcher.
Source: Campbell, Archibald James.  (1870).  Nest of the lemon-breasted flycatcher

“Eggs, as everyone knows, are fragile things – but at the same time, they’re also incredibly strong. Picture for a second an emperor penguin egg, which is robust enough, with the help of a selfless father, to house and protect the growing chick inside, even though it is subjected to the coldest conditions on the planet. Swans, meanwhile, lay eggs in riverside nests that may need to deal with multiple floods during their development, but, so long as they aren’t completely submerged, the cygnets within usually hatch without issue.

“So how can one design be able to adapt to virtually every habitat on Earth, to survive on each and every continent, to be both strong enough to withstand the brutality of nature yet fragile enough to allow baby birds to escape? The answer is in the perfection of its structure. From its size, shape and colour, all the way down to its molecular structure, an egg is superbly designed for its important purpose.” More on the wonderful nature blog – The Nature Nook.

The sleeping habits of animals

Did you know that dolphins put half of their brain to sleep at at time, giraffes almost don’t sleep at all, cuttlefish change colour when they are in REM sleep and gorgeous sea otters hold hands while they are asleep? Via Reddit.

The sleeping habits of animals

Sex saved me from a Christian Cult

A fascinating real life story but the immensely talented author and podcaster the Garrulous Glaswegian. Here’s a snippet:

“I once knew a con girl called Sharon. When I met her we were both around the age of 20, and she was already a thief operating under two names. But I was so naive, non-judgemental and “open-minded” back then that I was the ultimate mark and believed every lie and excuse she sold me. People who are basically honest often don’t carefully evaluate people who aren’t.

“When she scurried out of my life, she stole from me some of my favourite clothes, costume jewellery, a small amount of cash and some irreplaceable dolls from my childhood. She may or may not have been abused as a child as she vaguely hinted at from time to time, it’s difficult to tell with a consummate liar. But she was certainly a plague and a pestilence who brought nothing but poison to my life.

“But this is not the story of Sharon, who was your basic lying thief. This is the story of how I joined a church and then escaped a cult without even realising it, all thanks to a healthy sex drive.”

The Garrulous Glaswegian

Read more on Medium and check out her podcast here which is very entertaining.

Crepuscular landscapes and darkening twilight suburbs by Nigerian painter Abiodun Olaku (b. 1958)

His paintings feature a lot of fires and shadowy figures on the banks or rivers, burnished lights coming out of the shadows. He studied painting at Yaba College of technology in Lagos. His work is a visual tributes to Nigerian life as it is evolving; contemporary culture. Via Federico Italiano on Twitter

Beautiful Scythian iron daggers (Akinakes) and a 20 kilo haul of exquisite gold jewellry found in Siberia

The treasures of an ancient Siberian warrior and his warrior princess were buried in the modern-day Tuva region of Siberia in the 5th century BC. The king’s ancient kaftan was adorned with thousands of ornate tiny golden panthers, each around 2-3cm in length. The two lovers were locked together in an embrace for all eternity.

Via Old European Culture on Twitter and Siberian Times.

Let me know what you think of these selections below in the comments. I hope you enjoyed them!

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