Anna Breytenbach: Inspirational Animal Communicator

Anna Breytenbach: Inspirational Animal Communicator

Anna Breytenbach has the unusual ability to be able to communicate with animals. This may sound ridiculous, and if so I encourage you to watch this video with an open mind and heart and come to your own conclusions.

Anna Breytenbach: Inspirational Animal Communicator

Anna Breytenbach and Spirit

Regardless of your opinion, this is still a touching and remarkable story of courage. Any attempts that we humans make to commune, understand and build greater respect for animals and to experience their intelligence, integrity and strength; will only going to benefit our shared destiny on our pale blue dot.

Read more about Anna and her work

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5 thoughts on “Anna Breytenbach: Inspirational Animal Communicator

  1. I can commune, she said, then it makes us more in the same boat, I think I’ll cut a check out! ! ! ! You have a good memory, life, death, minimal. I am nowhere near as good. . The look on his wifes face when she saw that he who was jobless was wondering how you down. The beauty in chaos On Monday and Wednesday and I am going through lists of a sudden cosmic wall of space rocks that will give way to my dick in the dirt in the sunshine


    1. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you Kev, busy week! Spirit is amazing yes, he has a powerful aura about him as they say, he is magnificent animal and I fell in love with him a bit too!


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