Six of the best electronic and experimental channels on YouTube

Six of my favourite electronic and experimental music channels on YouTube

There is so much great content and junk out there on Youtube. I have a really eclectic and diverse taste in music and so I like to seek out weird shit on Youtube and try and find things that float my boat. Here are some Youtube channels I always go back to…

When Dubs Cry

This channel features rare and little heard vinyl rips from 60s-90’s electronica, synth, ambient and new age music. It features many female electronic music artists such as Suzanne Ciani, who I have profiled before. Many of these albums are too full on to really even comprehend and are challenging to listen to, whereas others are growers and stay with you for a long time. Such as this one by Al Gromer Khan

And this one by Suzanne Ciani which I did a very gushing review of here.

All in all, quite a satisfying channel to rummage through, for lovers of vintage obscure electronic music. It never fails to deliver and evoke emotion – even if sometimes that emotion is confusion, its always a confusion tinged with curiosity.

Electronic Love Collective

Electronic Love Collective
Electronic Love Collective

This electronic music channel is more about brand new releases, literally hot off the vinyl and digital press, by underground electronic music artists and producers who are gathering a ground-swell of following. This channel is multi-genre and features everything from thumping, heaving ‘basement at Berghain’ techno to ethereal, light and new-agey ambient music, to 90’s acid house inspired trance to everything in between.

Of note for me is Chaos in the CBD, producers from Auckland who have made a range of really impressive, atmospheric acid house tracks and 90’s throw-backs – I can’t stop listneing to them

Another discovery for me on this channel is Marquis Hawkes with their thumping warehouse style garage – bangin!

And also one of my all time favourite albums ever…I found on this channel – The Fifty Eleven Project by Kasper Bjørke Quartet



This is another underground electronic music channel that delivers a lot of juicy joints. Slav has amassed quite an enormous following on YouTube now with 170K followers. Although I was there right from the start several years ago. I have discovered a lot of cool stuff here that ranges from Garage, House, funky psychadelic house, along with layered floaty and summery yacht on the Mediterranean kind of vibes, with a funky edge. Take this Niles Cooper track for example…

Slav’s channel has music that is cruisy, chirpy and inobstrusive enough to perform well as background fodder while working, writing or perhaps even while working out.

And this one by Hush Hush

The Needle Drop

The Needle Drop
The Needle Drop

Anthony Fantano who runs The Needle Drop, reviews rock, metal, electronic and experimental music without taking himself too seriously. He’s incredibly amusing, musically erudite and sometimes absolutely bonkers in a good way. He is also incredibly expressive in terms of his colourful descriptions of music. I am not aware of his background or expertise, but he certainly seems to know his stuff. I like that while he selects a lot of new releases, he also circles back in time to profile classic albums of all genres. Its also my guilty pleasure to see him eviscerate shitty albums, as well as pick apart the best to worst albums by iconic artists like Bjork, Prince, Bowie and more.

Bjork – worst to best

The worst songs of Anthony’s adolescence



Apparently KEXP is a public radio station in the US. They feature a lot of up and coming indie bands but lately they have become more all-encompassing and include a lot of world music and stuff you would never have heard before, like this mongolian folk music, which is just incredible.

Funked Up East

Funky, snazzy, sparkly jazzy, rock and experimental numbers from the former Soviet Bloc countries from back when the wall was still up. Despite the oppression they faced there, they still managed to make some funky as hell jazz-fusion albums and I have no idea who any of these people are, but the sounds were pretty amazing.

Kamil Hala Orchestra- Jubileum

Yuri Morozov ‎– Strange Angels

Do you have any favourite music channels on Youtube that continue to deliver for you….what are they?

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    1. I am so glad you think so, I guess many people don’t appreciate this kind of music but I am glad it got you interested, there is a lot to enjoy here.


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